State Power Officials Lift Rolling Outage Order; Electricity Being Restored To Bay Area Neighborhoods

The city of Alameda had been among the first Bay Area communities to be impacted by the rolling blackouts. Alameda Power officials sent an outage alert to ratepayers around 7:30 p.m. Friday evening, saying the California Independent System Operator instructed the utility company to begin rolling blackouts.

California heat spurs 1st rolling power outages since 2011

In addition to the possibility of heat stroke and other hot-weather illnesses, health officers were concerned that people will pack beaches, lakes and other recreation areas without following mask and social distancing orders — a major concern in the state that has seen more than 600,000 coronavirus cases.

From loo rolls to fashion: how to spend your cash more ethically

5. Go vegan or reduce your meat or dairy consumption. Tofu, lentils and black-eyed beans are all cheaper per 100g of protein than diced beef, a relatively cheap cut of meat. They are also much less carbon intensive: someone who eats a lot of meat will have two and a half times the dietary carbon […]

Bomb disposal team are called to Sellafield nuclear site after explosive chemical organic peroxide was discovered during routine inspection

Bomb disposal experts were called to the plant in 2018 after a similar incident and their report found the site had failed to identify the risks of out of date chemicals.

Heat Wave: California ISO Issues Stage 3 Alert, Forcing Rolling Blackouts

“Power that had been disrupted as part of the emergency has been restored statewide,” the California ISO said in a statement. “The grid operator went into Stage 3 Emergency at 6:36 p.m., ordering utilities to implement rotating power outages to protect the stability of the grid. By 7:51 p.m., the grid had stabilized, and utilities […]

Coronavirus: What are the new lockdown rules for Preston and other areas?

Residents there and in other locked-down areas are not allowed to socialise with other households in their homes, gardens or any other indoor venue, either inside or outside the local area. Travelling for work or education is allowed, but other travel is not advised.

There was mafia in Eagles —Chidi Nwanu

When I went to Aba, I didn’t know anybody. Luckily, the team showed up. I was always with my training kits. I was already warming up before they arrived. They soon noticed me and called me. They asked, which club was I coming from? I told them I was there for screening. After screening, they […]