‘Key worker heroes saved the country – now lets give them the power to rebuild it’

I am proud that the Parliamentary Labour Party is the most diverse it has ever been and is more than half of Labour MPs are women for the first time in our history. But we all know there is a huge amount of work to do, at all levels of government.

Ditching tax on tech firms will mean less money for key workers, says Labour

Sources told the Mail on Sunday last weekend the tax was “more trouble than it is worth” and that ministers could scrap it to secure a favourable trade deal with Donald Trump’s White House. Although the Treasury poured cold water on the report, it also confirmed the tax would be removed once a “global solution” […]

Labour appeals for coronavirus key workers like supermarket workers to go into politics

Online training sessions to break down the barriers to standing for public office, explain the role of councillors and the commitments the role involves, as well as discussing how to combine being a councillor with family and work life Support with the application process for key workers who want to become candidates A support network […]

Democrat holds 5-point lead in key Indiana House race: DCCC poll

According to a poll conducted for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and released exclusively to The Hill, Hale, a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, leads with 50 percent support among likely voters. Spartz, a member of the Indiana state Senate who immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine in 2000, trails with […]

Coronavirus: UK holds minute’s silence for key workers who died

This number includes 82 NHS staff and 16 care workers who were confirmed to have died in hospital in England. A separate BBC News analysis of published figures found that at least 114 health workers have died with the virus across the UK. It is not known where they contracted Covid-19.

Everyday Heroes: key workers celebrated at Southbank, where hundreds face sack

There are, importantly, some cynical voices. Both Vanessa Kisuule’s poem Scrunchie and Jeremy Deller’s portrait of the UK in 2020 – titled An Immigrant Saving a Racist’s Life x 500,000 – remind us this is not a straightforward story of everyday heroes. The pandemic has its elite villains, too. It is disingenuous to glorify everyday […]

The party’s over! Airbnb BANS house parties and limits bookings to 16 people in bid to end bashes where revellers have broken Covid rules, taken drugs and stabbed each other

In July, allegations were revealed that a house in Denmark Hill where a stabbing took place after a ‘group fight’ at an AirBnb party had received dozens of complaints from residents before the attack.

Housing co-ops: is The Drive dream still alive?

The newest arrival is Catherine, 23, who graduated a year ago and has been there for almost two months. She works for a wildlife organisation and found out about The Drive via the internet. “I knew I wanted to live in a more communal, sociable way. Everyone has their own lives and things going on, […]

London 2012’s true legacy is broken promises and dashed social housing dreams

Dr Bernstock says: “Most of the housing on the first neighbourhood is exclusive market housing, and some of this is being left empty and used as an empty safety deposit box, or a pied-a-terre, and much of what is described as affordable is simply not affordable to local people.

How the planning system shake-up will affect housing in England

This sounds straightforward in principle, but there is no guarantee that developers will not be able to negotiate down their obligations on grounds of financial viability, as they do at present. The government is also proposing to extend the exemption from section 106 for small sites, to help developers “bounce back from the economic impact […]