Woman receives “life-changing” migraine care at Nuvance Health

After seeing a neurologist at the University of California San Francisco (USCF) Medical Center, Ashley was finally diagnosed with vestibular migraine with aura that was triggered by motion, strong smells including cigarette smoke and perfumes, and strobe lights. After trying several migraine medications and experiencing severe side effects, Ashley began to receive botulinum toxin injections […]

Primark nail glue left toddler needing skin grafts and possibly scarred for life

Laura and her dad Peter rushed Santi to the sink to wash the glue off, but were horrified to find it had spilled on his arm and reacted with his pyjama top, causing a large burn.

Better late than never: Health Secretary Matt Hancock emerges from self-isolation to promise 100,000 coronavirus tests a DAY in huge U-turn and says everyone will be able to access vital checks and ‘get back to life’

The PCR machines examine DNA taken from a nose or throat swab to look for signs of viral genetic material (RNA) left behind by the coronavirus. This is the kind of testing currently being used by Public Health England, which has eight of its own laboratories and access to 40 in NHS hospitals around the […]

‘Never give up’: Greek asylum fight is gifted student’s hardest lesson

The stakes became even higher when Diallo heard he had been awarded a full scholarship at Sciences Po in Paris, one of the world’s most elite universities. What should have been a triumphant moment initially left him in agonising limbo. If his final asylum appeal failed, he would not be able to enrol. His plight […]

Afghan gathering to decide fate of 400 Taliban prisoners

And a Taliban militant involved in the massive May 2017 truck bombing near the German embassy in Kabul is on the list, which also includes a former Afghan army officer who killed five French troops and wounded 13 in 2012 in an insider attack.

Procurement and Installation for Grating to cover ditch/channel under the pipe-rack

If Yes, please provide Curriculum Vitae of your manpower (at least 03 positions for steel structure work, such as steel structure installation supervisor, steel structure fabrication, steel structure installation and Welder).

Patel Could Send Navy to Channel After Record 235 Migrants Cross: Report

Mr Hossain told The Guardian on Friday: “Refugees are fleeing death, war, and torture. That is why they are prepared to risk life and limb, death by drowning, imprisonment and enslavement along the way. Far from dismantling the hostile environment, Priti Patel is taking it to its extreme.”

Lebanon faces ‘grim’ prospect of food, medical and housing shortages

Food supplies destroyed A representative of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization told Reuters news agency that the large silo at the port which was destroyed in the explosion was the “only major grain silo” in the country. The destruction of the 120,000-tonne capacity structure and disabling of the port, where Beirut receives much of its imported […]

Migrants: UK has failed to cut numbers trying to cross Channel, but not through a lack of trying

More from Migrant Crisis Migrant crossings ‘unacceptably high’ as UK asks France to be tougher Number of migrants crossing English Channel hits new daily high Record number of migrants make perilous journey across Channel People smuggling in Channel ‘major threat’ to UK border, ex-Border Force chief warns 90 migrants intercepted in six small boats in […]

The secrets of celebrity weight loss! How nutritional therapist Gabriela Peacock keeps her VIP clients in shape AND feeling great

^Slim Meaning: to make oneself thinner, particularly by dieting. To reduce size or bodyweight. Slim Me – Each Slim Me drink contains 1.5g of Glucomannan which contributes to weight loss – when a minimum of 3g of glucomannan is taken daily, in three doses, with water and alongside an energy-restricted diet.