Sweater weather?! Taylor Swift releases music video for the track ‘Cardigan’ off her new album ‘Folklore’ and designs merchandise to match

Leave it to the pop princess with a very strong connection to her fans to design merch to match. Exclusive ‘Folklore’ product is available on the Taylor Swift online store, including a cardigan identical to the style she wears in the video.  

‘This cuts across society’: how singeli music went from Tanzania to the world

The latter has since spread to Europe, championed as one of the most exciting emergent strains of dance music in 2018, thanks to the Sounds of Sisso compilation, released last December. This summer, various singeli stars have played festivals such as Unsound in Poland and at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, and their EP releases have been […]

When is Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore released in the UK?

The 1 Cardigan The Last Great American Dynasty Exile (featuring Bon Iver) My Tears Ricochet Mirrorball Seven August This Is Me Trying Illicit Affairs Invisible String Mad Woman Epiphany Betty Peace Hoax Lakes (bonus track) Taylor collaborated remotely with The National’s Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver and Jack Antonoff.

Musical folk hero: Mikis Theodorakis at 95

His music had already been banned in June 1967, but the rebellious composer traveled around the world and gave more than 1,000 concerts. He used his global platform to denounce dictatorships of all colors and to promote the resistance against the military dictatorship in his homeland. Politicians such as Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser and Palestinian […]

Greta Thunberg’s Music Track Calling for ‘Civil Disobedience’ Rejected by ‘Big Artists’ – Report

Greta Thunberg is a teen Swedish environmental activist and a Nobel Prize nominee, who became famous in 2018 after her solo protests to combat climate change outside the Swedish Parliament led to a worldwide movement of school strikes, with thousands of teenagers calling for reduction of carbon emissions into the environment and making her a […]

Naezy: I want to bring the album culture back to mainstream music

“All the other songs in it, like 302, is my new avatar, where I am more fearless now and say things openly. Mehfooz is about keeping your cultural values intact and Awli is about staying at the top of your game. All of these songs have that common theme of inspiring people to do good […]

Rihanna Doesn’t Have New Music Yet, But Here’s Some Skin Products

In another interview around the launch, Rihanna also shared the story of her now-iconic loooong yellow gown from the 2015 Met Gala. She told Access she drove past the red carpet three times before getting out “because I felt like, I’m doing too much” after seeing everyone else. “I’m a clown, like, people are gonna […]

Take our music quiz to find out if you are an Eighties cool kid or a sick millennial

Who had a “Good Heart” in 1985?A) Feargal SharkeyB) Boy GeorgeC) Prince Gucci Mane features on the track Like That by which artists?A) Doja CatB) Doja DuckC) Doja Rabbit Which soul diva celebrated her 80th birthday this year?A) Chaka KhanB) Tina TurnerC) Diana Ross What flower does Katy Perry want to be covered in?A) TulipstinaB) […]

Could Music Companies Help Black Artists By Adjusting Old Record Deals?

Of course, calling for major record companies to wipe off debts for artists signed decades ago may fall on deaf ears, just as calling your bank today and asking for your legally binding mortgage contract or loan agreement to be written off may result in the line going dead. Yet, if they’re serious about making […]

RS Country Music Picks: Week of July 20th

The Mavericks, “Recuerdos” The Mavericks’ upcoming En Español album is proof that doing what comes naturally pays the greatest dividends. Singer Raul Malo embraces his Latin roots in the band’s first Spanish-language record to thrilling results. Even when he’s feeling bittersweet, Malo captivates — latest release “Recuerdos” (the title translates to “memories”) is an undeniable […]