New York Independent Venues Form Group to Fight for Federal COVID-19 Relief

Independent venues across the United States are at risk of closing if Congress does not approve federal funding before its next recess, which could come as early as this week. An absence of funding would have a particularly devastating effect on New York City’s live music scene, where things are particularly precarious due to high […]

‘The narrative is we don’t sell records’: the black female singers uncredited by the UK industry

This has a negative financial impact, not only for future opportunities, but also long after a song has been released. Laura says that because she was unsure of how the industry worked, she wasn’t registered as a performer on the hit track she featured on in 2000, so she lost out on royalties she is […]

Untangling Taylor Swift’s ‘Teenage Love Triangle’ Trilogy

Oddly enough, “cardigan” seems to be taking place in a slightly different universe from the other two. In “betty” and “august,” everyone’s in high school. There’s a homeroom, a school dance, and James is canonically 17 years old. The location feels suburban: James skateboards past Betty’s house, Una dreams of meeting behind a mall, and […]

Shruti Haasan admits being in the industry because of her father Kamal Haasan

She further explained: “I made my debut alongside a star like Suriya in Tamil, an actor who also got his break because of his father, Sivakumar sir. And yet, his path to stardom was carved by his work. After that initial launch, every actor has to prove their talent and work hard to get their […]