Hong Kong Business People Set their Sights on America

This week, Hong Kong’s governing body formally withdrew the bill that sparked the original protests earlier this year, but that has done little to appease protesters in this leaderless movement, who say they want the government to do more to stave off what they believe is encroaching control from Beijing


There are many reasons behind the stabilization of the exchange rate, said a representative of a HCMC major commercial bank, adding that among them is the fact that the hoarding of U.S. dollars has been subdued as other investment options such as gold and securities have become more attractive and the 2020 inflation rate was […]

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Will Max give his half-brother Boris Johnson a shot in the arm? Prime Minister sibling joins advisory board of health company that has branched into coronavirus testing

Max is close to Boris, however there probably won’t be a Johnson mass gathering this Christmas if the rule of six is still in force. REVIV’s medical director, Dr Michael Barnish, tells me: ‘PCR [swab] testing should be routinely done by everyone at regular intervals and not just in response to symptoms.’

How to attract high-quality foreign direct investment

The trade war between the U.S. and China has made Vietnam an attractive destination for new FDI projects. A survey by JETRO in late 2019 shows that among 142 Japanese firms that indicated in their responses their plan to relocate their factories from China, 37 picked Vietnam, 21 opted for Thailand and nine wanted to […]