Ransomware vs WFH: How remote working is making cyberattacks easier to pull off

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AI-controlled sensors can improve patient outcomes in smart hospitals, Stanford says

Another type of infrared technology are passive detectors that allow night vision goggles to create thermal images from the infrared rays generated by body heat. The thermal sensor above an ICU bed would enable the governing AI to detect twitching or writhing beneath the sheets, and alert clinical team members to impending health crises without […]

The 100 best films on Amazon Prime to watch right now

Chronicled from his birth it shows David having an idyllic life as he is taken to visit the family of his nanny Peggoty, played by Daisy May Cooper, but when he returns his young and widowed mother Clara (Morfydd Clark) has married the sinister and cruel Mr. Murdstone (Darren Boyd).

‘I’m not drunk, it’s my car:’ Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ gets mixed reviews

The beta version of “full self-driving” was released on Oct. 20. Since then, at least six beta testers have posted footage on social media showcasing their early impressions of the software. CNN Business reviewed hours of footage and found early impressions of the software are a mixed bag. At times the testers are impressed with […]

President Pratibha Patil’s address to Parliament – March 12, 2012

31.I am happy that my Government’s continued emphasis on Agriculture has yielded fruit. The agricultural sector has grown at 6.6 per cent during 2010-11, the highest growth rate recorded in recent times. The country witnessed a record production of 241.56 million tonnes of food grains during 2010-11. We have achieved record production of fruits and […]


All ASEAN Ambassadors in Pretoria shared the view that Vietnam has done well not only in logistical preparation for the summit, but also in actively proposing and promoting priorities and initiatives during the year it is Chair of the bloc. They said substantial results achieved during the year had contributed positively to the building of […]


In June and July alone, HCMC had held many trade promotion activities and trade fairs to stimulate domestic consumption. For instance, the program “60 days of golden promotion” with the participation of many enterprises offered discounts and gifts to attract customers. As a result, 1,242 enterprises registered 1,745 promotional programs with a total value of […]


According to Oxfam, an international confederation of 20 NGOs working with partners in over 90 countries and territories to end the injustices that cause poverty, gender inequality is one of the oldest and most pervasive forms of inequality in the world. It denies women their voice, devalues their work, and makes their position unequal to […]

California’s prison firefighters face grueling toil like never before in historic fire season

California has used incarcerated people to help fight fires since the early 1900s, and prison hand crews are a critical backbone. Prisoners volunteer for the program and are trained at a camp on how to cut fire lines. They often hike into rugged terrain where bulldozers and fire engines cannot reach or work alongside full-time […]

GTC 2020 roundup: Nvidia’s virtual world for robots, A.I. video calls

A.I. make calls better even in areas with high bandwidth, however. In the most extreme example, A.I. can be used to reorient your face so that you’re making eye contact with every person on a call, even when your face is tilted slightly away from the camera. A.I. can also reduce background noise, relight your […]