An ed-tech specialist spoke out about remote testing software — and now he’s being sued

Unlike services like Examity and ProctorU, which can put students in front of a live proctor, Proctorio is fully algorithmic, using what its website describes as “machine learning and advanced facial detection technologies.” The software is able to, through a student’s webcam, record them as they work, and monitor the position of their head to […]

Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work

Over the next few years—even after we have a viable vaccine—many companies will go through a multi-year process of working out the right mix of virtual and in-person business functions. Keeping some business functions, like sales calls or recruiting, happening in person may just be good business. But as several of the panelists mentioned, humans […]

Official Xbox Series X media remote spotted on Amazon

Even if you can’t get a dedicated remote control at launch, the new Xbox app, which is available in beta now on Android, also works as a remote control. It replicates the function of the D-pad and buttons, so you could theoretically try to play a game on it, but you’d probably be better off […]

Pandemic perk: Bay Area companies increase mental health help for remote workers

“For companies who are in a position to provide additional benefits and support, I feel like the best thing that we can provide is money,” she said, noting the company gave $100 to each its 40-some employees. “Giving (employees) a stipend for office expenses or for child care is one of the fastest, easiest and […]

Parents Who Work In Childcare Are Trapped In An Unsustainable System

Even before the crisis, compensation has been a deep concern in the field, with nearly half of early childhood educators eligible to receive some form of government assistance, said NAEYC’s Rhian Allvin. Despite research showing how important these early years are, “most early childhood educators are underpaid, based on the value they’re contributing to society, […]

Here’s another reason to never open suspicious emails when working from home

Although many organizations are offering cyberthreat awareness training – 64% of respondents claimed to have received special cybersecurity awareness training related to working from home during the pandemic – it is vital that such training does not become just another box-ticking exercise.

Facebook moderators in Dublin reportedly forced to work in office despite lockdown

Facebook moderators working as independent contractors in Dublin say they’re required to work in the office, despite a new nationwide lockdown across Ireland, The Guardian reports. The moderators, employed by contractor CPL, say they were told they’re considered essential workers and therefore not bound by Ireland’s Level 5 restrictions, which require people to work at […]

Best business monitors of 2020: best displays for working from home

When you think about a monitor, you don’t just consider the screen, but also the cables and stand. In terms of the latter, the MB169B Plus is different – it is a portable USB-powered monitor which means that you can power it using a single USB 3.0 cable. It stands out thanks to a smart […]

Warner Bros & Universal Bosses Say No Movie Theater Buyouts In The Works, But “We’re Rooting For Them”

Especially with the 1948 Paramount decree now abolished and major theater circuits on the brink of bankruptcy, the scenario of studios taking a stake in exhibition, whose stocks have plunged, is frequently floated. The entire theatrical model, which has shown signs of wear in recent years but still yielded more than $11 billion in revenue […]

Kanye West’s Record Deal Is Standard. That Doesn’t Mean the Record Industry Is Fair

Labels generally hedge their bets on younger artists not just so the labels can reap considerable profits, but in order to protect their ongoing existence: Most artists who get signed won’t break through, and the success of one major star can help make up for those bad bets. But as the music industry comes out […]