Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work

“So fast-forward to the type of human connection you’re going to need to actually make this type of experience truly, truly meaningful,” he said. “That’s going to mean stuff like periphery movement, body language, then 3D audio, those kinds of things.” Quiroga said it might also involve telepresence experiences within virtual reality and augmented reality […]

An ed-tech specialist spoke out about remote testing software — and now he’s being sued

Proctorio is meant to help schools answer a newly urgent question: How do you catch cheaters when they’re taking an exam at home? The problem has inspired a growing business of remote proctoring services, which monitor students during their tests, since long before COVID-19. Proctorio was founded in 2013; some competing platforms like ExamSoft were […]

Official Xbox Series X media remote spotted on Amazon

Other new accessories coming for Xbox Series X include a redesigned controller, which will be available in three colors at launch, and an upgraded rechargeable battery. Xbox One has had some extremely good looking controllers this generation, so I’m eager to see what new looks Microsoft cooks up in the next one.

Pandemic perk: Bay Area companies increase mental health help for remote workers

“For companies who are in a position to provide additional benefits and support, I feel like the best thing that we can provide is money,” she said, noting the company gave $100 to each its 40-some employees. “Giving (employees) a stipend for office expenses or for child care is one of the fastest, easiest and […]

Parents Who Work In Childcare Are Trapped In An Unsustainable System

At 5 a.m. Alani awakes in the two-story townhouse she rents with her husband and child. There’s time for a quick workout before her daughter wakes up. They get ready to leave the house together around sunrise so she can start the day at the daycare center at 7 a.m. Since schools shut down, she’s […]

Here’s another reason to never open suspicious emails when working from home

The study from cloud cybersecurity firm Mimecast asked 1,000 respondents about their use of work devices at home, finding 73% used company devices for personal matters, with two-thirds revealing that this had increased since they began working remotely. Individuals admitted that checking personal emails, conducting financial transactions and shopping online were among the most common […]

Facebook moderators in Dublin reportedly forced to work in office despite lockdown

Facebook moderators working as independent contractors in Dublin say they’re required to work in the office, despite a new nationwide lockdown across Ireland, The Guardian reports. The moderators, employed by contractor CPL, say they were told they’re considered essential workers and therefore not bound by Ireland’s Level 5 restrictions, which require people to work at […]

Best business monitors of 2020: best displays for working from home

To tackle spreadsheets without having to squint, a large screen is recommended and this Acer monitor will give you acres of space (nearly twice that of the ViewSonic monitor) for not a lot of money. It has a low response time, a VESA bracket, three ports including a DVI one and a three-year warranty. As […]

Warner Bros & Universal Bosses Say No Movie Theater Buyouts In The Works, But “We’re Rooting For Them”

She cited bypassing theaters with Scoob last spring as one such crossroads, noting that Langley faced a similar set of decisions with Trolls World Tour. “It seems easy in retrospect, like, ‘Of course you release your movie digitally!’ But it’s not so easy as it’s happening, because oftentimes these are new moves that you’re making, […]

This company wants to use fake VPN instances to deceive cybercriminals

“Most security leaders acknowledge that they’re now exposed to more risk, shining a light on the need for greater surface area coverage and lateral movement visibility in the cloud and in their corporate networks. In a time of drastic disruption, security teams must embrace these changes and take the fight to the attackers.”