Here’s what would really control New Zealand rents

Just imagine what would happen to car prices, and to the quality of cars on offer, if the government made car importers go through a resource consenting process like the processes needed to build a new house, and banned taking “heritage” cars off the road regardless of their state of repair.

Why isn’t New Zealand among the countries offering serious travel incentives?

A July Wall Street Journal report said the plan seemed to be driving demand, noting that a travel website operated by messaging app Line and Venture Republic saw bookings increase by about 40 per cent the weekend after the subsidies were announced. All Nippon Airways, meanwhile, announced that it would come close to restoring its […]

Southern Cross launches domestic travel insurance, but Covid-19 is excluded

Southern Cross’ market research found people’s key reasons for purchasing domestic travel insurance were concerns their travel may have to be cancelled (57 per cent), greater awareness of the importance of travel insurance (38 per cent), and that they were more likely to travel domestically because they can’t holiday overseas due to Covid-19.

Hobbiton applies to increase tourist numbers despite infrastructure cracks

In 2016, an American tourist was killed at the intersection, and just weeks ago on December 10, a two-car collision left seven injured. Days later police patrol witnessed a near-miss when tourists turned in front of a truck to enter Hopkins Rd.