Here’s what would really control New Zealand rents

The “inelastic” side of the market draws the rent. Landlords still compete against each other for tenants, but when there are few houses available and owners are forbidden from tearing down existing ancient, draughty, mouldy wooden tents to put up dry and warm townhouses and apartments, tenants are in a pretty terrible spot.

Why isn’t New Zealand among the countries offering serious travel incentives?

The sector lost more than US$320b (NZ$478b) in exports in the first five months of 2020, United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres said in an August policy brief, and the situation is expected to get worse. A recent report by the UN’s World Tourism Organisation indicated that international visitor spending could drop from US$1.5 trillion in […]

Southern Cross launches domestic travel insurance, but Covid-19 is excluded

Southern Cross’ market research found people’s key reasons for purchasing domestic travel insurance were concerns their travel may have to be cancelled (57 per cent), greater awareness of the importance of travel insurance (38 per cent), and that they were more likely to travel domestically because they can’t holiday overseas due to Covid-19.

Hobbiton applies to increase tourist numbers despite infrastructure cracks

Annette Conder of Chooky’s Auto, a business with the best view of vehicle collisions in Waikato, is so used to crashes on the corner of State Highway 29 and Hopkins Rd that staff have a plan for when they hear the screech of tyres and the subsequent boom.