Strike at Belarus’ state TV erodes government control

The walkout of about 300 employees of Belarusian state TV has dealt a particularly painful blow to the Belarusian leader, who has relentlessly stifled independent media since coming to power in 1994 and relied on state-controlled television and other media to shape public opinion.

Nursing Home Workers Were Underpaid, Overworked, and Denied PPE. And Then COVID Hit.

One CNA told me she regularly has to choose between making sure a resident gets fed, another gets cleaned up, and getting to a serious “fall risk” who’s wandered into the hallway. So she goes to help the fall risk, who is trying to get to the bathroom by herself because she couldn’t wait. She […]

Breaking: Replace striking Doctors with Corps members – FG

READ ALSO: Breaking: Nigeria’s debt rises 8.3% to N31trn in 3 months – DMO “This is therefore one strike too many. Besides, most of the demands have been met and others, though difficult, are at an advanced stage of implementation. A little patience would have made a big difference.”

Striking resident doctors sign MoU with FG after 6-hour meeting

“It was decided that NARD should submit copies of claims already made to the insurance companies through the hospitals to the Federal Ministry of Health for onward transmission to the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation that would ensure that the insurance companies pay the claims.

The Guardian view on opposition in Belarus: down but not out

Twenty-six years after he came to power and a month after the rigged presidential election sparked the protests, Alexander Lukashenko has demonstrated through both words and ruthless deeds that he will not go unless he is forced out. He still controls the security forces. Moscow, which initially appeared to be weighing its options, appears to […]

Europe in turmoil: five years of economic crisis

• The deal, it says, will cut Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio to 120.5% of GDP by 2020, in line with previous targets. This will be achieved by private creditors taking a deeper cut on their existing Greek bonds, of 53.5% of their face value. The European Central Bank will also contribute, by passing the profits from […]

Marikana: a father’s story

Despite his son’s death and his personal experiences of migrancy and the mining sector, Andile insists that mining is not a bad thing. “It plays a big role in South Africa because uneducated poor families can light their candles and have bread. But [the mining companies] are still not in touch with their employees’ needs. […]

Beleaguered Belarus leader shuffles aides to tighten control

In a gesture of political support for Russia as it contends with Western criticism over the alleged poisoning of Putin critic Alexei Navalny, Lukashenko said Belarusian intelligence had eavesdropped on a phone call allegedly indicating that the poisoning was a sham.

Karpoori Thakur and the power of street politics

According to Jagpal Singh (Economic and Political Weekly, 2015), Karpoori, in the final phase of political career (1980 to 1988), was in search of a popular base among the lower OBCs, Dalits and the poor, struggling after being marginalised by the dominant OBCs.

Three-quarters of US millennials believe job-hopping has helped advance their careers

“Our data shows many of the negative stereotypes associated with this group either lack context or are outright wrong. Businesses need to avoid operating under outdated notions and instead align their workplaces to the psychological and technological needs of millennials who are taking on senior roles and driving business success.”