With help of tools like Zoom, grandparents stay connected

As their proficiency at Zoom meetings and FaceTime sessions increases, so does my parents’ ability to manage the physical distance. Humans can adapt to all sorts of pain. Our hearts find ways to fill little holes, one by one. As we move into April, I can see my parents settle into what we’re hoping is […]

Gensuite Responds Rapidly to COVID-19 with New Pandemic Exposure Tracking Tools Available Now to Its Entire Subscriber Group

A Pandemic Exposure Log extension is scheduled for release the week of April 6 to enable tracking of exposures to individual persons (employees, contractors, or visitors) resulting from an exposure event at a site. Key features of the event and the associated log include the ability to track follow-up actions taken at the site, and […]

Keralite’s startup Qure.ai develops AI tool to monitor COVID-19 patients in Italy

As there are numerous patients, it is not possible to make such an analysis without the software’s help. Some hospitals are sending mobile X-ray units to risk-prone areas. The X-ray reports of those showing symptoms are also uploaded to the tool, which would analyse and give a possibility score.

Advanced imaging tools transforming heart care

New Delhi: Turning a corner in interventional cardiology, advanced tools have opened new frontiers in heart care. Even as India is home to the highest burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) with changing lifestyles leading to a dramatic shift in the CVD patient profiles, doctors are now looking at newer tools to address the burgeoning burden. […]

Google launches virtual agent tool to answer questions about COVID-19

Coronavirus Updates Latest News from the CDC Critical IT policies and tools (TechRepublic) Data scientists, your country needs you know How a massive five-year transformation plan was delivered in a week HPE uses financing heft to offer payment deferrals What data tells us about first responders Windows 10 PowerShell script lets you securely fight coronavirus […]

Coronavirus updates: Another Bay Area senior living facility reports outbreak

In early March, the Grand Princess came to the San Francisco Bay after 12 people contracted the novel coronavirus. Eventually, more than 100 people tested positive for it. Three people — two passengers and a crew member — died of complications from COVID-19.

I Found a Notebook Like No Other Notebook

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re a notebook fiend. So I’ll just make one last point. Think of other objects you use daily and consider the amount of eye-watering thrills they deliver. Does your car thrill you? Your refrigerator? Your reading lamp? No? Me neither. I can’t control those. But $15 is doable. […]

China’s economy is getting worse. That makes a trade deal more likely

China has also allowed the yuan to depreciate to its lowest levels in more than a decade in recent weeks. But a weaker currency isn’t likely to completely offset problems with tariffs and sluggish global demand, said Martin Lynge Rasmussen, a China economist for Capital Economics. He said in a Monday research note that China […]

US stocks have their best day in two weeks as the Dow closes up 1,627 points and states report coronavirus infections have begun to slow as stay-at-home orders appear to be working

As the administration looks to better days ahead, some economists say the markets may have already hit their rock bottom on March 23, when US stocks ended in the red after the Senate failed for a second time to vote through a coronavirus economic relief package. The package has since been approved.

Special Report: Johnson listened to his scientists about coronavirus – but they were slow to sound the alarm

The same day, putting aside his jokey self, Johnson made a speech in Downing Street, flanked by two Union Jacks and evoking the spirit of Winston Churchill’s “darkest hour” address. He warned: “I must level with you, level with the British public – more families, many more families are going to lose loved ones before […]