Frank Rich on the Ruse of Republican Overtures to Minorities

Frank Rich stopped by Rachel Maddow’s show on Wednesday to discuss his recent New York piece on the Republicans’ handling of race offered up a not-encouraging take on the GOP’s post-election “efforts” to reach out to minorities. Using Reince Priebus’s underwhelming visit to Brooklyn as an example, Rich suggested the benefit to Republicans was not […]

Five Days Until Election, Nearly Twice as Many Democrats Have Returned Their Mail Ballots as Republicans

“There is still some play left in the in-person early vote, but time is starting to run short such that Republicans will need to rely heavily on Election Day vote, which has traditionally been a strong day of voting for Republicans in recent elections,” he added.

Texas Republicans Demand Resignation of Attorney General Ken Paxton, Who Led Anti-Obamacare Lawsuits

“For the good of the people of Texas and the extraordinary public servants who serve at the Office of the Attorney General, Attorney General Ken Paxton must resign,” Roy said in a statement Monday. “The allegations of bribery, abuse of office, and other charges levied against him by at least 7 senior leaders of the […]

Republicans Lose Supreme Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots as Roberts Sides with Liberals

Pennsylvania holds historical importance for President Donald Trump. Trump won the state by less than one percent during the 2016 election, but that was enough for him to gain the state’s 20 electoral votes. Trump became president after winning the electoral college although his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote in the U.S. […]

Is Jennifer Lawrence a Republican or a Democrat?

People have suspected that claims that Chris Pratt, 41, may support Trump after he chose not to take part in an Avengers’ fundraiser for Biden alongside his democratic co-stars.

Republicans Don’t Know What to Do With Their Bad-Faith ACA Case

Trump’s argument is an awkward one, and not only because it’s a toxic message in the closing days of a campaign that’s occurring against the backdrop of a global pandemic. At last week’s confirmation hearings for Barrett, Trump’s Republican allies on the Senate Judiciary Committee repeatedly threw cold water on the lawsuit, which the Supreme […]

Jared Kushner Told the Truth About Republicans and Black People

Donald Trump helps those who help themselves, Jared Kushner said on Monday. Bereft of sound justifications for his father-in-law’s record, Kushner fell back onto a timeworn conservative narrative. “One thing we’ve seen in a lot of the Black community, which is mostly Democrat, is that President Trump’s policies are the policies that can help people […]

Hunter Biden Received a $3.5 Million Payment From Ex-Moscow Mayor’s Wife, Republican Report Says

Baturina, a billionaire, was previously married to Yuri Luzhkov, who served as mayor of Moscow but was fired for alleged corruption in 2010. The report details how Biden’s business received a $3.5 million payment from Baturina in February 2014, which was described to be for “consultancy” work. In 2015, Biden also received several payments of […]

Republicans Refute Trump’s False Mail-In Voting Claims, Warn They Could Hurt GOP Candidates

“He’s going to try to create as much of a cloud of suspicion around the election as possible, because he knows he can’t win,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said. “He’s probably shooting himself in the foot because our folks are going to come out and vote, come Hell or high water. It’s going to be […]

These Counties Kicked Out Republican Incumbents

In a previous analysis we published ahead of Tuesday’s vote, we described how four groups of voters were expected to play an outsize role in the election’s outcome. They’re voters who live in counties with distinct demographic and voting profiles: majority-minorities counties, majority-white suburban counties, pro-Trump counties with a manufacturing base, and counties that voted […]