US election 2020: Donald Trump’s monstrous money advantage over Joe Biden

Mr Biden’s fundraising has improved significantly since he won South Carolina, which caused the Democratic Party’s establishment to swing in behind him. He almost matched Mr Trump last month, bringing in $60 million compared to the President’s $62 million.

Martin Lewis issues warning to caravan parks over refund fees for owners

“It does not guarantee that the park will remain open or that owners will be able to use their holiday home at any particular time, especially in the event of a public health emergency such as this where the government has ordered entire industries to shut down.”

Restaurants reopening after shutdown face challenges over masks, money

The prices matter because San Francisco restaurants are bleeding money. According to a recent survey of restaurant owners representing 419 locations, which was conducted this year by the restaurant association among the 73% of restaurants open for takeout, 60% are losing money. And 87% said they would not be able to survive with only delivery […]

U.S. court rules Florida cannot force felons to pay fees before voting

“The state may disenfranchise felons and impose conditions on their reenfranchisement. But the conditions must pass constitutional scrutiny. Whatever might be said of a rationally constructed system, this one falls short in substantial respects,” said Hinkle’s ruling in the Northern District of Florida.

Home Bargains lists strict shopping rules as stores install screens to protect staff

Here are the retailer’s safeguarding measures in full Buy only what you need and shop only once per week if you can Help us limit the number of customers in store at once by following instructions from staff and waiting outside if asked If you can, visit shop on your own, not in a group. […]

Ryanair threatens to blacklist anyone who claims a holiday refund from their bank

“It is outrageous for a firm’s staff to call asking your bank for a chargeback an act of fraud. Especially when coming from Ryanair, which itself is refusing cash refunds within the timeframe mandated by EU 261/204 – a breach of the law. We hope that by raising this with the firm, it will urgently […]

Facebook’s ‘GlobalCoin’ cryptocurrency to launch in 2020, report claims

Reports suggest that the currency could be designed to be a “stablecoin,” with a value pegged to US currency in an attempt to minimize volatility. However, even without the volatility associated with most cryptocurrencies, Facebook will still have a lot of work to do to get its users to trust GlobalCoin after suffering years of […]

Some Instacart workers to strike over pay that can be as low as $1 per hour

“We are delivering these insanely fucking huge orders,” one Bay Area shopper, who spoke to Ars on the condition of anonymity, said. “We’re delivering to Apple, Facebook, these huge companies that are putting in massive orders—Costco doesn’t know how big these orders are. If we call [the support line], they tell us ‘Tough shit, you’re […]

Martin Lewis gives major update for caravan owners seeking holiday park refunds

“Clearly it’s then up to the credit or debit card company to see how much it thinks, and it may disagree and say it won’t do it but then the advantage of using your card is then you can go to the Financial Ombudsman if the card company rejects you.

Coronavirus pandemic ‘costing councils £30m a month’

Mr Morgan, who is also the Labour leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf council said the revenue councils are missing out on includes income they normally generate from leisure centres, planning fees, parking income, rent of property, school dinner income and theatres, while costs have risen elsewhere.