Centre nixes Odisha IPS officer’s appointment after leak in social media

Following strict protocols, the Union government has scrapped the appointment of Odisha-cadre IPS officer, Himanshu Kumar Lal in the Union cabinet secretariat. This comes after the details regarding the proposed appointment of Lal were leaked in social media. Lal, was in June allowed by the Odisha government to join in class-1 executive cadre with the […]

‘That is the worst thing you can say’: Denise Welch breaks down as she reveals she’s taking a break from social media after Piers Morgan branded her a ‘dumb and dangerous Covid-denier’

The debate, which also featured Dr Sara Kayat, saw Denise also talk about people’s mental health and the fact that people who suffer from the likes of cancer and heart disease were failing to receive the treatment they needed. 

Olympics legend Kerri Walsh Jennings causes stir over wearing masks post on social media

“I was not looking to do anything but express my belief that FREEDOM IS RIGHT WORTH FIGHTING FOR, and amidst the chaos, divisiveness, fear and undeniable emotion of these times, I believe we have to stay mindful of the FACT that our freedoms have slowly been taken from us with our consent. I feel each […]

Schools issue warning to parents about graphic death on social media

A TikTok spokesperson said the clip was livestreamed on Facebook on Sunday night (US time) and was circulated on other platforms, including TikTok.

Iran’s new attempt to introduce ‘military control’ over social networks

Well-known for his reports on widespread corruption in Iran, the investigative business journalist Mohammad Mosaed was awarded the 2020 DW Freedom of Speech Award in May. Two months later, he was one of four reporters to be honored with the the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) honored with the 2020 International Press Freedom Award. […]

We can have social media as we know it, or we can have democracy

I thought we’d have made progress in addressing the problems of propaganda and disinformation on social media by now, and on the face of things we have. Major tech firms have banned political advertisements, flagged dis-informative posts by politicians, and made tweaks to their algorithms in attempts to stop recommending conspiracy-laden content. But, in the […]

Can ‘Metajournalism’ Save Old Media—and Unmask Trump? | Opinion

Now more than ever, America should be celebrating its homegrown reportage and investigative journalism, and beyond that the many fine journalists who bring us both of these journalistic subgenres of research and communication. While certain of the infelicities of corporate media have not been conducive to the nation receiving the most effective or responsible coverage […]

A new front in coronavirus disinformation: Wall Street research

Todaro bases his theory on recently published articles in respected scientific journals citing research that shows about 50 percent of the US population has T cells that can recognize the novel coronavirus even though these individuals never had Covid-19. The body’s immune system produces T cells in response to infections, including some coronaviruses that can […]

Senate candidate Marshall slams Facebook virus ‘censorship’

In the comments that Marshall posted Sunday, he said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had “quietly updated” its numbers to reflect a massive drop in the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the U.S. The widely shared “Only 6%” theory has been debunkedCDC data

Higher education in the UK is morally bankrupt. I’m taking my family and my research millions, and I’m off

Likewise, research is taking a massive hit in post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain. There is good evidence that the exodus of more than 10,000 scholars from Britain’s universities since the referendum continues unabated. Scotland has lost almost 2,500 academics. Countries such as Germany are beneficiaries of this mass migration of intellectual talent. Scholars and their families are […]