Cuomo says New York will pass ‘most aggressive’ policing reforms in country

“Attack fully or you will never defeat it. That’s the justice agenda,” Cuomo said. “And this has to be done on a federal level and it should be done on a federal level because it’s not a New York issue or California issue or Florida issue. It’s an American issue.”

Cuomo to sign additional police reforms in New York

On Monday, Cuomo tweeted that he would “sign additional police reforms” which would require police to report a weapon discharge within six hours; require police departments and courts to track arrest data, including race and ethnicity; and require police to provide medical and mental health needs of those under arrest or in custody “who require […]

New York City lifting curfew early amid George Floyd protests, de Blasio says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week walked back his criticism of NYPD police officers for using force to restrain looters and rioters; instead he said the violence against officers is “intolerable.” The shift came a day after Cuomo slammed de Blasio and the NYPD for how they’ve handled the ongoing violence in the wake of Floyd’s death.

Hyundai to Unveil Genesis EV Concept at New York Motor Show

IT Shows Replace Traditional Motor Expos for Carmakers Hyundai’s Operating Profit Plunges by Half Hyundai Looks Ahead with Latest Hydrogen Vehicle Hyundai Unveils Ambitious Eco-Car Plans Hyundai-Kia’s Plug-in Hybrid Sales Remain Weak at Home Eco Cars, SUVs Take Center Stage at Busan Motor Show

Orange is the new blue! Tom Brady trains with his Buccaneers teammates for the first time in Tampa as NFL teams prepare to re-open facilities

All non-essential employees, from coaches to custodial staff and scouts to secretaries, were ordered to work from home by the NFL. The league conducted free agency and the draft in altered forms to adhere to restrictions required to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A new anti-obesity coronavirus campaign is a nightmare for eating disorder sufferers

The source added that officials “recognize concerns about calorie labeling and are committed to striking a careful balance between informing and educating people to make healthier choices, whilst not negatively impacting people with eating disorders or those in recovery from eating disorders.”

Popular Essex Restaurant Reopens

The restaurant will include menu offerings such as quinoa crab salad with Arcadia mixed greens, bell pepper, squash, parsley, mint, and harissa lemon vinaigrette; olive and goat crostini topped with shaved prosciutto, garlic oil, and lemon thyme butter; and seared scallops with sweet pepper puree, grilled corn, shallots, cucumber, and black beans for starters.

Sa Pa empty amid new Covid-19 wave

The usually busy Sa Pa Town is now nearly deserted. This is not the first time the tourist town has been empty. Sa Pa streets were also empty amid the first wave of Covid-19 in the first three months of 2020.Some photos of Sa Pa:

Andy Walker: What an embarrassing start to the new Scottish football season

Neil Lennon slams ‘selfish’ BolingoliAberdeen players admit ‘huge error of judgement’Eight Aberdeen players were together in a restaurant following their opening-day defeat to Rangers with two of them contracting Covid-19, meaning the other six were forced to self-isolate for 14 days, a clear breach of the government guidelines.

Tokyo confirms 206 new daily COVID-19 infections

The Tokyo metropolitan government has reiterated its calls for Tokyo residents to refraining from traveling outside the prefecture or returning home to visit relatives during the Bon holiday season, as well as refrain from dining out in groups, including small gatherings held in close proximity with others.