A Search for Anti-Aging Secrets Starts With the Blood of 600 Estonians

The idea is to find mortality predictors whose signals are just as strong in humans as they are in mice. Studies at Stanford and elsewhere in the past few years have shown that transfusions from young mice can restore liver and brain function in older mice, suggesting that there’s something in the blood that promotes […]

Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips ‘has signed up for the next series of Celebs Go Dating alongside Chloe Ferry’

Setting the record straight, Shaughna responded saying: ‘no angel I’m not denying anything, and never have. I openly speak about fillers I’ve had all the time, and I love them’

Ricky Gervais, 59, pokes fun at ageing as he shares entertaining bath snap alongside throwback photoshoot from his 80s pop career

‘There won’t be a four’: Ricky Gervais confirms series three… Ricky Gervais delights fans of After Life as he reveals he… Johnny Depp’s rarely seen son Jack, 18, enjoys a stroll with… EastEnders star Maisie Smith and her lookalike mum Julia…

Shop puts up sign telling customers not to cover their faces ‘for security reasons’

Explaining the reason behind the sign, he said: “I am allowing people to wear masks – maybe I’ve worded the sign badly – but we get a lot of shoplifting and if they’ve got a mask on, I can’t prosecute them.

Dr Zoe on the 13 signs your loved one could be suicidal – from no energy to agitation

YOU can also call the Samaritans on 116 123 (freephone), email [email protected] or visit the Samaritans website. Call NHS 111 (freephone). Contact your GP for an emergency appointment. Contact a mental health crisis team via NHS 111. You can hear more from Dr Zoe on her podcast Steths, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

Share a video of your kid singing

Please Sign in on https://ishare.rediff.com with your rediffmail id and password. Please click on ‘Upload videos’ button and add your file/video. Once the file is uploaded, you will get the link of uploaded Video on your Rediff MyPage. Kindly limit the video to your school-going child singing the National Anthem. Please e-mail the Rediff iShare […]

Mass General’s Martinos Center Adopts AI for COVID, Radiology Research

“Having access to this high-capacity, high-speed storage will allow us to to analyze raw multimodal data from our research MRI, PET and MEG scanners,” said Matthew Rosen, assistant professor in radiology at Harvard Medical School, who co-directs the Center for Machine Learning at the Martinos Center. “The VAST storage system, when linked with the new […]

Pro-life movement leans into 2020 election to boost Trump, claiming issue ‘has gone from liability to asset’

Dannenfelser indicated that disgust over stances like Northam’s and opposition to Hyde could move enough persuadable voters to help Trump win the slim victories often found in battlegrounds like Wisconsin. An SFLA effort similarly aims to make abortion a first-order issue for students heading to the ballot box. The two organizations are teaming up to train […]

I froze my embryos and lost SEVEN STONE in a last-ditch bid to have the baby I long for: At 41 and almost 20st, ALICE DOGRUYOL’s chances of starting a family were fast receding. Determined to be a mother, she chose IVF – and a strict diet

In fact, I had a fresh embryo transfer after my sixth cycle, but when it failed to implant it was a huge blow. It was at that point I decided to keep the remaining five in the freezer while I got my body and mind into the best shape possible before a second attempt.

India faces lost generation as Covid-19 pushes children to work

“At a household level, it’s hard to differentiate whether children are involved or not,” says Dheeraj, a program manager at Praxis: Institute for Participatory Practices, who uses only one name. The jobs may still be hazardous and against the law — small-scale businesses such as matchbox-making can be run from home — but the difficulty […]