Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

We overload the land with nitrates and phosphates, overgraze it, burn it, overburden it with unsuitable varieties of crops, and spray it with pesticides so killing the soil invertebrates that bring it to life. Many soils are losing their topsoil and changing from rich ecosystems brimming with fungi, worms, specialist bacteria and a host of […]

Pay heed to the voice of David Attenborough, writes Mark Tully

Attenborough’s message for India and the world was stark. “Humans have overrun the planet,” he warned and pointed out that there are now three times as many people on earth as when he was born 93 years ago. The consequences for the natural world have been, he said, “devastating”. He listed some of those consequences. […]

Sir David Attenborough warns the end of polar bears by 2030s and ANOTHER major pandemic unless we tackle climate change

But Sir Attenborough claims that all of the solutions are “within our grasp” and there are a number of “steps we can take and goals we must achieve to avert the coming catastrophe.”

David Attenborough warns planet ‘will face more pandemics if we don’t protect world’

“As I was preparing to talk to camera, Poppy was at my feet trying to take off my shoes. It was an experience that has stayed with me, but it was tinged with sadness as I thought I might be seeing some of the last of their kind.”

BBC Marks Sir David Attenborough’s 90th Year With A Free App Of His Life’s Work

WHY WE CARE: Is there a living being that does not love Sir David Attenborough? We seriously doubt it. He has spent a lifetime helping us get to know our beautiful planet and all the forms of life with which we share it. His comforting voice, the stunning filmmaking. Decades of this, and never once […]

‘It was true, therefore it hurt’: Chloe Madeley explains why accusations of nepotism early in her career stung as the daughter of daytime TV icons Richard and Judy

‘I let him win’: Danny Cipriani’s new fiancée Victoria Rose… Chloe Madeley flaunts her toned physique in a tiny blue… Chloe Madeley showcases her very toned physique as she… ‘It’s been hard’: Chloe Madeley reveals she hasn’t seen her…

Vogue Williams reveals she and husband Spencer Matthews are eyeing up Richard and Judy’s presenting gig

“When I used to DJ in clubs I would always play house music but I love all the music Heart plays as it’s all feelgood stuff and it puts me in a really good mood on a Sunday.”

Craig David sparks bidding war between major record labels as they scrap to sign him

He has been shooting the messages from the garden of his house in Wales and more recently from the hotel he’s been staying in while in London promoting Steps’ latest tune.

Full list of David Cameron ‘crony’ honours revealed as George Osborne tops awards

Nicholas Howard OBE – Assistant Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. For public service. CBE Helen Bower-Easton – Prime Minister’s Spokesperson. For public service. Rt Hon John Hayes – Minister of State for Transport. For political and public service. Rt Hon Nick Herbert – Lately Minister of State for Police and Criminal Justice and Chair […]

‘Now I am what I used to criticise’: Mona’s David Walsh plans major expansion

He underlined the importance of disabled access for his venues, expressing regret that the current James Turrell installation Amarna, which sits on the museum rooftop, is not accessible. “I didn’t [make it accessible] – much to my chagrin, dishonour … because it would have cost half a million dollars. And now I think, what a […]