WhatsApp may make it easier to access chats across iPhones and Android phones

If anyone has ever switched from an Android phone to an iPhone — or vice versa — they know that one thing that they certainly have to compromise is on their WhatsApp chats. The popular chat platform doesn’t offer support for cross-platform chat history sync as Android users get to keep their backup on Google […]

Apple claims ‘half a trillion dollars’ App Store economy

in-app advertising via apps such as Twitter and Pinterest the sale of physical goods via apps such as Asos and Amazon the sale of digital goods and services via apps including Mario Kart Tour and Tinder travel bookings via apps such as Uber and British Airways food deliveries via apps including Just Eat and Deliveroo […]

xCloud, Stadia… Why is Apple barring major gaming services from its App Store?

“Apple stands alone as the only general-purpose platform to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. And it consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to nongaming apps even when they include interactive content,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.

iOS 9’s space-saving “app slicing” disabled for now, will return in future update

Back in June, we wrote a bit about App Thinning, a collection of iOS 9 features that are supposed to make iOS 9 apps take up less space on iDevices. Apple has just announced to developers that one of those features, “app slicing,” is not available in current iOS 9 versions due to an iCloud […]

How to Message Someone Not in Your WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

If you want to send a message to someone, WhatsApp requires you to add them as a contact first. Thankfully, there’s a workaround. Using Shortcuts, you can skip the process and start a conversation with any phone number (given that they are on WhatsApp).

Tumblr blogging service gets and gives some Mac, iPhone love

First up is Tumblr (iTunes link), an iPhone client formerly known as Tumblrette under its previous third-party developer, Mobelux. Tumblrette quickly became the most well-designed iPhone client available, offering features like audio posts in addition to Tumblr’s other stylistic types like text, photos, video, and more. It also supports multiple Tumblr blogs, private posts, and […]

Russia to Apple: You’re guilty of antitrust abuse over iOS app monopoly

According to Kaspersky, Apple rejected the features of the app because it relied on iOS configuration profiles and this was against App Store policy. iOS configuration profiles are used by companies as part of a mobile device management system. Apple’s policy required Kaspersky to remove the two features, which it considered essential to serve its […]

iOS 10.3.1 includes bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad

Apple released a beta of iOS 10.3.2 last week shortly after releasing iOS 10.3. It will likely go through a handful of additional beta builds and be released to the public in a month or two. We don’t expect it to change much, given that the public reveal of iOS 11 in June is just […]

Threema joins the ranks of E2EE chat apps that support encrypted video calls

Security Theoretical technique to abuse EMV cards detected used in the real world Ransomware: How clicking on one email left a whole business in big trouble Best security keys in 2020: Hardware-based two-factor authentication for online protection Best password managers for business in 2020: 1Password, Keeper, LastPass, and more Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy […]

Remember when Apple Watch was a luxury item? We look back at its 5-year evolution

Health and fitness push Fitness and health have been part of the Apple Watch since the beginning, through its popular Activity tracking and Workout apps. But instead of one of many features, they’re now often center stage. Today, the newer Apple Watches can track your swim strokes and your menstrual cycle and tell you if […]