New Job Support Scheme benefits higher earners more than low income ones

A government spokesperson told The Sun: “The Job Support Scheme includes a cap on government and employer contributions so that anyone earning above a salary of £3,125 a month will receive a smaller proportion of their prior salary than a lower earner, unless the employer voluntarily topped up the wages of the higher earner.”

Europe’s captive tiger trade ‘risks spurring illegal demand’

Wild populations of tigers have been chronically depleted by habitat destruction and a voracious demand for their bones, skins and other body parts used in decorations, medicinal tonics and as status symbols in Southeast Asia and China, according to a new report published Wednesday by WWF and Traffic.

Deepika Padukone’s manager’s house raided by NBC, drugs seized

Reports reveal that the Narcotics Control Bureau raided the house of Karishma Prakash on Tuesday and seized drugs. The Bureau officials found a smaller quantity of questionable drugs in her house and are soon expected to act upon the examination.

‘Borat’ sequel somehow still manages to serve up audacious surprises

Of course, this “Borat” will actually stream into homes via Amazon, a sign of the pandemic that, yes, overlapped with production and is incorporated into the film. Given that the original was a major hit on a very modest budget, that feels like a genuine coup for the streaming service, although Cohen’s shtick clearly isn’t […]

Many Countries at Risk of Defaulting on Debt to China

“The idea is that China came up with these projects and pushed them on these countries and lured them into debt so that when they fell over China will be able to seize these assets which is totally not true. These projects were proposed to China by the governments of those countries and in fact […]

Job Support Scheme: Rishi Sunak splashes £8bn extra on new furlough paying MORE wages to save pubs & restaurants

The new scheme starts to operate from 1 November (when the furlough scheme ends) and coves all Nations of the UK The government will provide up to 61.67 per cent of wages for hours not worked, up to £1541.75 per month The cap is set above median earnings for employees in August at a reference […]

Take note! 5 ways in which ‘stop-loss’ manages risk, generates positive returns

Suppose the market and stock are both in an uptrend and all short-term key moving averages are trending above the long-term key moving average, and the stock is frequently taking support at its 21-DMA. In such a case, one can go long, with a stop-loss below the 21-DMA.

Pokemon Go The Feeling of Victory: All tasks and rewards for the quest to unlock Victini

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First time buyer guide – how much can you borrow for a mortgage and what government schemes are available?

Flexible – You can choose to pay more than your regular payment if you can afford it. Then if you’ve overpaid, you can take a payment holiday if you find yourself in difficult circumstances. But in return for the flexibility you’ll be hit with higher rates.

Destiny 2’s Grandmaster Nightfall is a fun challenge this week and paying double rewards

Grandmaster is the highest level of Nightfall: The Ordeal, filling the mission with so many modifiers that Bungie trim descriptions yet you still have to scroll down to see them all. The minimum Power level is 1075, and everyone hits like a truck. Loads of enemies are replaced with Unstoppable and Overload Champions chasing you […]