Election 2020: Governor-General signs writ, triggering next step on road to election

It’s mostly a constitutional formality – in reality, Electoral Commission has been preparing to hold the election for months – but it’s an important formality as the date of the issuing of the writ has an impact on when Parliament returns and the next three-year election cycle begins.

Sunday Drive: Audi e-tron

If they all look and drive as the e-tron does, resistance will be futile. Those committed to following an electric future in big dollar style will find it smooth, plush and bewitchingly low-key yet cool. Audi’s belief about EVs needn’t looking different for the sake of it is a winning factor. Design familiarity with its […]

Matariki: It’s good to see New Zealand finally celebrating what makes it unique

The films went from being something exciting happening in town, to some kind of national mythology. They erected statues in homage to the movies, for goodness sake. And six years after the end of the double-trilogy series, Kiwis still flock to the Matamata fantasyland called Hobbiton. We took it too far.

150 Years of News: Wellington’s Lord of the Rings premiere a blockbuster in 2003

“When the hangovers have been nursed, the tickertape swept away and the party clothes dry-cleaned, Wellingtonians can congratulate themselves on the way they celebrated last night’s world premiere of The Return of the King,” The Dominion Post said the following day.

‘I literally weep’: anguish as New Zealand’s National Library culls 600,000 books

Janiewski says books written by New Zealanders but published overseas are also heading for the slush pile, as are the back stories of New Zealand’s vast immigrant and diaspora population. Herself a migrant, Janiewski describes the country as a nation of immigrants: “We have never lived in isolation.”

Bus driver’s Queenstown crash caused ‘life-changing’ injuries

A tour bus driver has been sentenced to 200 hours’ community service and disqualified from driving for nine months after a bus crash near Queenstown that caused a girl to lose both hands and a woman to lose an arm.

How one family-owned business saw its value increase $130m in 24 hours

“We arrived up there with a couple of suitcases each, moved into a hotel for a fortnight while we found somewhere to live, moved into a one-bedroom apartment and Alex was sleeping on the pullout bed in the lounge, and said right, well we’d better get some merchants on board.