Watch: Here’s a sneak peek into Janhvi Kapoor and sister Khushi Kapoor’s quarantined life

Janhvi has been sharing pictures and videos to give her fans a sneak-peek into their quarantine life. Recently, we stumbled upon a boomerang video of Khushi and Janhvi. It was shared by one of the fan clubs dedicated to Janhvi Kapoor. In this video, Janhvi can be seen holding a paintbrush and her painting book. […]

Janhvi Kapoor pens emotional note after one week of solitude: ‘I can still smell my mother in her dressing room’

I’ve learnt to value the food that I eat. It’s a blessing to have things in excess and abundance the way that I do. But not knowing If our house ration will last long enough till lockdown ends, knowing someone’s risking their health every time they go to buy groceries- makes me worry in a […]