Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Unites With Mason Jennings for Side Project Painted Shields

In the meantime, the band is just looking forward to getting together in the same room, something they have yet to do. “‘Can you imagine when we all might be in the same state?” Gossard asks. “And what does that look like?’ We’re hoping to get the first group hug filmed. We want to document […]

Why Won’t Roger Stone Shut Up?

“That’s a question I’d have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion. If there’s wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that I know about, which I know of none, but if there is, I would certainly testify honestly. I would also testify honestly about any other matter, including any communications with the president. […]

You can always get what you want: Rolling Stones open London shop

The shop includes a glass floor featuring Stones song lyrics, screens showing footage of the band on tour and fitting rooms with album artwork from Exile on Main St and Some Girls. At the front of the shop is a red metal sculpture that true diehards may recognise as being based on the opening of […]

The Rolling Stones, A Bigger Bang

In fact, a certain Carry On spirit seems to permeate much of the album, from the title to a Keith Richards number that reworks the old Kenneth Williams “they’ve all got it infamy” gag, to the question raised by Rough Justice: they’ve certainly pulled it out, but can men of their age keep it up […]

Killer Michael Stone launches new freedom bid claiming witness was paid police informant

The inmate, who says Daley went on to become a major heroin dealer in jail, added in his letter: “I remember Damian telling me he used to talk to Michael though the pipes… and after learning ‘bits and bobs’ he had enough to put your brother away for his ‘natural’.”

The Rolling Stones announce new album, Blue and Lonesome

Recorded at British Grove Studios in Chiswick, west London – not far from Richmond and Eel Pie Island, where the Stones started out as a young band playing pubs and clubs – the followup to 2005’s A Bigger Bang is said to take the band back to their “passion for blues music which has always […]

Trump’s Ex-Strategist Roger Stone Calls on Trump to Bring in Martial Law if POTUS Loses Election

Citing widely circulated suspicions of fraud around early voting, absentee balloting, and voting by mail raised by conservatives over Democrat-promoted ways of non-in-person voting, the long-time Republican strategist inferred that Trump should consider invoking the Insurrection Act and arresting the aforementioned figures along with Tim Cook of Apple and “anybody else who can be proven to be […]

How the Rolling Stones Launched a Retail Store Amid a Pandemic

“It will be ever-changing,” Mat Vlasic, CEO of Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise and brand management company, tells Rolling Stone. “In a traditional retail store you’re planning these things on a very long lead timeline, so we’re doing the same thing here. And really operating this as retail store. Not necessarily a band merch retail store. […]

2,000 ex-Justice Department employees call on Barr to resign over Roger Stone case

The crisis of confidence that has ensnared the Justice Department reached a fever pitch last week after Barr overruled federal prosecutors who recommended Stone receive seven to nine years in prison for his November conviction on seven charges. The intervention led four prosecutors to abruptly withdraw from the case, and one resigned from the department […]

Joss Stone is branded ‘delusional’ and ‘foolish’ after saying she would greet the Taliban leader ‘with love’ and believes terrorists are ‘misunderstood’ in podcast interview

You want people to change obviously, but they’re not going to do that all the while they’re hated, they’re only going to do that when they become loved, I think…You can’t just go, ‘No’, and wag your finger at them, it’s not going to work.’