Micro review: ‘How to Be an Antiracist’ by Ibram X. Kendi

‘How to Be an Antiracist’ is an engaging read that illustrates the deep-rooted racism issue in America and what one should do about it. The book is more than a dry non-fiction, it draws on the author’s life to give examples of all he talks about in his book, making it like a memoir and […]

Poulenc: A Biography by Roger Nichols; Poulenc: The Life in the Songs by Graham Johnson – review

Johnson’s book is woven around Poulenc’s numerous songs, which Johnson argues “form a biography in themselves”. Readers may be sceptical of such an avowedly biographical reading of the work itself, and there will be admirers of Poulenc’s operas and instrumental music who won’t agree that the songs are the most personally revealing of his output: […]

If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha review – a fizzing, grisly debut

The “painfully plastic” Kyuri is a room salon girl: a seemingly well-paid opportunity only open to the “prettiest 10%”, where clients treat their favourite escorts to designer bags. In reality, Kyuri is tied in by debt, and feels her primped body breaking down thanks to the heavy nightly drinking required. She shares an apartment with […]

Four-year-old kid gets a publishing deal for his poetry book!

Kate also confirmed the news on social media and shared one of Nadim’s poems. Here’s what she posted: Nadim the four year old poet is having a book! @WalkerBooksUK are putting the poems together with pictures. You did this twitter, but your reasons were sound. Here’s his first poem. pic.twitter.com/S1PuH8p82o

Periyar’s book of poems now in Hindi

Two books by rationalist and social reformer E V Ramasamy Periyar are now available for readers in Hindi, publisher Rajkamal Prakashan group said. The books, “Dharm aur Vishwadrishti” and “Sachchi Ramayan”, originally written in Tamil, are among the first publications by the group after the coronavirus induced lockdown in March. “The people of north India […]

Growing up in a violent environment is likely to lead to accelerated aging and disease risk, new review of studies shows

“Mindfulness training may help us be more aware of, and step away from, those well-worn habits that became ingrained when we were children due to our adverse experiences,” Loucks said. “We didn’t have the power and wisdom then that we do now as adults to learn how to help reverse, or at least blunt, the […]

Is Dwarfheim spectacularly generic, or did it just casually reinvent the RTS?

But the second, juicier reason I like this mechanic, is that it opens up a fascinating metagame about interplayer communication. The underlord, I presume, would constantly be fielding resource requests from both the overlord and the warlord, and would have to decide how to split output. Meanwhile, the warlord would be having to work out […]

Mother-of-two, 23, is shot dead while filming rap music video of staged kidnapping – as rapper’s friend is booked into jail for murder

‘She will never get to see her two beautiful babies grow up nor will they have her throughout life,’ Cyndi Viverito, a relative of Cox, wrote in a Facebook post.

Festival reviews famous Czech writer’s legacy

Kafka’s Corners with souvenirs and books available at a discount will be arranged in more than 20 different cultural spaces in Hanoi including East West Cultural Space, Heritage Space, Nha Nam bookstores, TPD Cinema Development Centre, Bluebirds’ Nest café and Tranquil Book café.

Lovelace – review

Amanda Seyfried is a strong and sympathetic Linda (though with a more open, uncomplicated prettiness than the real woman herself), still living at home at 21 years old after a troubled adolescence with her fiercely Catholic mum and dad, played by Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick. Spotted dancing at a roller disco, she is picked […]