Elvis Presley: The return of the King

Elvis Is Back, the album resulting from the instant post-demob recording sessions, went some way towards re-establishing his credibility with his old fans through a compelling version of the bluesman Lowell Fulson’s Reconsider Baby. In the summer of 1960, however, he released a single that created as permanent division among his following. It’s Now or […]

John Prine: The Secrets Behind His Classic Songs

The beginning had to seem like it came from a history book. I was in this little town of Woodstock, Illinois. There’s a little opera house we were playing.  We couldn’t afford our sound people, so we’re using the house sound guy, and I said, “Hey, isn’t Lake Marie around here?” And he goes, “Oh yeah, […]

Zoë and the Trolls

Quinn has never directly addressed whether there was any validity to Gjoni’s claims that she’d cheated on him — texts between them show it was a complicated, intense relationship — and I never felt I needed to interrogate that. I think she got it about right in a Tumblr post from August 2014 when she […]

Joe Wicks plays catch with daughter Indie, 2, and hilariously pranks wife Rosie in sweet video as he celebrates another morning’s PE class

‘I’ve had international PR in New Zealand, Australia. I’ve even got an interview with Japanese TV, like this really has gone global and that’s because everybody’s sharing it and everyone’s so supportive and passionate because they want their kids exercising during this time.’