These are the new rules for the future of the planet

Troy Swope: Large CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies like Nestle, Pepsi, Conagra, they know the ship has sailed on plastics, and they just don’t want to buy it. If they can avoid it, they will. I think there’s some good leadership in those companies that know long term, regardless of what oil prices are doing, […]

U.S. investors want more reforms in IPO rules: SEBI

As the largest number of FPIs and about a third of the total assets under FPIs’ custody are from the U.S., the importance of U.S. investments into India was emphasised, especially taking into account the growing partnership between the two countries, Mr. Tyagi added.

Is BABY MILK now a ‘non-essential’ item? More ‘trolley police’ chaos in Wales – but Mark Drakeford signals a u-turn by saying supermarkets can use ‘discretion’ over what they sell after days of furious backlash

Furious father strips down to his PANTS before attempting to enter Tesco in Wales  Amid widespread protests against the rules, Chris Noden went shopping in Newport, Gwent wearing just his boxer shorts and a face mask because ‘clothes are non essential items’ 

Mike Pompeo’s attack on China signals a shift in India’s approach

 Also Watch | BECA pact signed; India & US lash out at China l Who said whatOne step at a time, a person familiar with India’s gradual approach later said, explaining that a shift in New Delhi’s approach was likely to get more pronounced with passing time if China did not indicate any intention of […]

Youngsters descend on Nottingham in fancy dress despite threat of police fines

She told reporters: “What we feared might happen, and what the police feared might happen is people would go to the pub, they’d have a meal and they’d have some drinks and come out and go straight to the off-licence and buy a bottle and go and continue their partying elsewhere.

Germany’s coronavirus app goes international and gets a boost

Leading experts like virologist Christian Drosten from the Robert Koch Institute are also calling on the people responsible for tracking and tracing in Germany to take a closer look at the way authorities in Japan are approaching the challenge. What happens there is that people who test positive are immediately asked whether and where they have taken […]

Coronavirus digest: France surpasses 1 million cases as curfew extended

India has the second-highest caseload in the world behind the United States, but the number of new daily cases has shown a downward trend in October. The Health Ministry says 54,366 news cases were registered on Friday, taking the overall total past 7.7 million.

#EndSARS: Inside Buhari’s parley with former heads of state by Femi Adesina

It was very touching, poignant, as President Muhammadu Buhari met with all living former heads of state on October 23, 2020, to discuss the state of the nation. For about two weeks, the country had been suffused with unrest, later violence, precipitated by what began as legitimate protests against police brutality, code-named #EndSARS. In the […]

Trump praises Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘towering intellect’ as Clarence Thomas swears the 48-year-old onto the Supreme Court after the Senate confirmed her 52-48 to give conservatives a 6-3 majority

That puts her in sync with Scalia and the Republican senators who voted for her and expect her to rule in line with that for decades to come; it puts her violently at odds with those who do not agree, and puts her on track to be a justice whose presence on the bench is […]

The White House finally socially distances and insists on masks: Guests at Amy Coney Barrett’s ceremonial swearing in on the South Lawn take COVID precautions – unlike infamous super-spreader last month

Barrett’s ties to People of Praise only became public when the New York Times broke the story three weeks after her confirmation hearing as an appeals court judge, but before the committee had voted. The committee eventually split along party lines to confirm her. Three Democrats voted with the Republican majority in the vote in […]