What’s the TRUTH behind England’s second wave? Imperial report warns of 100,000 daily cases and says the outbreak is doubling every nine days — but Cambridge experts estimate the figures are 55,000 and 17 days

They predicted the R rate — the average number of people each carrier infects — is higher than two in London, the South East, East and South West, which have mostly escaped any tough local lockdowns. And of the entire south of England, London has the highest prevalence of coronavirus at 0.89 per cent, suggesting […]

Don’t stop your grousing … and other Covid rule-of-six exemptions

While two families stopping in the street to chat was described as illegal mingling by the home secretary, Priti Patel, parties of up to 30 are permitted to meet for shooting and hunting trips, after a ministerial intervention ensured it would be classed as a licensed outdoor activity.

Coronavirus: Big family reunions at Christmas may be banned, minister warns

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Tier 2 and 3 lockdown rules explained: Can I go to the pub, have friends over and go on holiday?

I live in Manchester – can I go and visit my sister in London? No. Manchester is now in the strictest level of lockdown – and all travel in and out of the area is strongly discouraged, unless it’s for some very important reasons.

How Poland’s Strict New Abortion Ruling Could Be Mirrored Across the Globe

In 2018, voters in Ireland chose to legalize abortion in a historic referendum, and in January last year, the country opened its new abortion services. Women can request to have an abortion up to 12 weeks but must have it certified by a doctor and wait for three days before having the procedure. In the […]

Proms conductor denies role in move to play songs without lyrics after ‘threats to family’

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Covid-19 outbreaks are growing quickest in Hull, Derby and Somerset, official data reveals (and only 20 out of 150 authorities across England saw their infection rates drop last week)

‘The difference between now and the first lockdown is we are in a much better place to really focus on where the virus is the greatest and I think that is right, not only in scientific and virus management terms, I think in terms of the way people feel about tackling the virus it is […]

London ‘will go into Tier 3 lockdown in two weeks’ as Britain faces a super-spreader Christmas: Advisers forecast a ‘very, very bleak’ winter – and propose national shutdown either side of 25 December to let families reunite

Asked yesterday about the possibility of another national lockdown, she said: ‘Well I think at this stage of course we can rule nothing out because we are a Government that is focused on making sure that we stop the spread of this virus, and also we protect public health. So we have been using, and […]

Who gets free school meals?

Mrs May was forced to abandon her plans because the policy was widely unpopular – and would never have got through Parliament after the Tories failed to win a House of Commons majority.

Tier 3 IS bringing down the R rate in the North West and cases are falling in locked-down Liverpool… but scientists warn Covid-19 outbreak is ‘speeding up’ in the South and tougher measures are needed to stop a crisis

Both teams of scientists say there are major uncertainties in their studies, which are based on statistical modelling of test results. The Cambridge estimates are a couple of weeks out of date because they’re based on deaths, while Imperial’s predictions are ‘interim’ results and may be adjusted in the coming months when combined with longer-term […]