40.6 mln Chinese rural students improve nutrition under national program

A total of 29 provincial-level regions around the country have carried out the program, covering 145,700 compulsory education schools in rural areas and over 42 percent of rural students receiving compulsory education, said the report from the Ministry of Education.

Extend MGNREGA work to 200 days, says PMK

“It is clear that the funds set aside by Centre for Tamil Nadu is not enough with more people seeking work through MGNREGA. The MGNREGA is not just a scheme to provide guaranteed work in rural areas but a scheme to kickstart growth rural growth and in turn spur India’s economic growth. The money spent […]

Policies should address inequality, enhance welfare –Shamsuddeen Usman

“Then, there were issues with Gross National Income, GNI; so what did we focus on? Essentially, the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs and Human Development Index, HDI, and I think, for people to understand, I think the keynote speaker mentioned this, but there are three basic ways in which the HDI is measured: basic needs, a […]

Ohio Abortion Laws May Have Caused Rise in Later Terminations as Women Struggle to Access Treatment Quickly

Co-author Dr. Alison Norris, associate professor in the College of Public Health and College of Medicine at Ohio State University, told Newsweek: “We found that as lawmakers have restricted abortion access, Ohioans have experienced delayed care and increasing geographic inequities. Restrictive policies do not improve reproductive health. We hope lawmakers will draw on evidence about […]

States’ GDP loss around Rs 30.3 lakh crore with ten states accounting for 75% of total GDP loss: SBI Research

State Bank of India (SBI)’s Chief Economic Advisor Dr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, in his revised GDP estimates said that ten states accounted for 75% of total GDP loss, of which three states in particular had the highest reported COVID-19 cases. In his analysis, Ghosh said that GDP numbers for Q4FY20 could be below 1.5%, with […]

Coronavirus pandemic | The school year really ended in March

It has exposed and intensified enormous gaps in schools’ and families’ capacity to support children’s learning. Many families, especially in rural areas, lack access to broadband internet service. Parents and multiple siblings may share a single computer, if they have one at all. A quiet place to study may not exist in a small, crowded […]

VE Day parties ‘made people drop their guard and caused coronavirus cases spike’ that led to Weston Super Mare hospital turning patients away three weeks later, claims expert

He said: ‘This is a clinically led decision and we are being supported by our system partners to ensure that new patients receive the care and treatment they need in the appropriate setting, and we are continuing to provide high-quality care to existing patients who are being treated in the hospital.

Waiting times at pedestrian crossings will be HALVED after lockdown to 15 seconds so people aren’t forced to queue together before the green man appears

‘Even with Tube ridership standing at just five per cent at the moment, there are times when passengers struggle to keep their distance.’    

Arctic Circle Temperatures Soar as Siberia Hit by Extreme Heatwave

Atmospheric scientist Zack Labe shared a graph that highlights how premature the onset of this year’s summer melt season is compared to previous years. “Striking to compare the timing differences in the start of the summer melt season in the Kara Sea,” Labe tweeted.

‘Under very difficult circumstances, people are going above and beyond the call of duty’

Then, of course, there are the pilots who have delivered medicines, whether it’s the air force pilots who have flown to Ladakh and far flung areas or the civil aviation pilots and the entire crew… there are examples galore.