Coronavirus: UK has legal duty to review air pollution targets, say lawyers

Dirty air is estimated to cause 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK, and evidence is mounting that it is linked to increased Covid-19 infection rates and death rates. The lawyers, acting for Mums for Lungs and the Good Law Project, say this potential risk to life means ministers must act even if the […]

Air pollution can intensify Covid-19

In addition, another group of studies indicates that longer-term exposure to air pollution increases the risk of infections, especially in those with pre-existing chronic lung disease. In this case, air pollution can lead to permanent structural changes in the lungs that erode a person’s reserves. An infection that might lead to mild symptoms in a […]

Supreme court may force UK to act on air pollution

“We encourage people to take sensible precautions based on the levels of air pollution in their region and their health, such as reducing or avoiding strenuous activity and ensuring they have access to their usual medication, such as asthma inhalers,” said a spokesman.

Air pollution causes 3m lost working days per year in UK, says CBI

The government’s environment bill has been delayed, but is set to return to parliament this autumn. However, as currently written it will not contain new targets on air pollution. Any binding new targets, to take over from the EU’s regulations, will not be set out until late 2022, after a consultation.

NZ tourism’s Wikipedia problem: Fox Glacier page dominated by deaths, rural NZ non-existent

Dickison said Wikipedia could not be used as a marketing tool for businesses, but tourism operators could use online travel guidebook Wikivoyage and image library Wikimedia Commons for free, saving them thousands on their own website that would not have the same reach.

The cost of toxic air: Three MILLION working days are lost in the UK each year because of pollution, report reveals

The report estimates this could also prevent 2.2million sick days a year, and 100,000 days taken off by staff to look after children with problems such as asthma attacks triggered by traffic fumes. Another 900,000 days could be lost each year because workers with pollution-related illnesses are about 20 per cent less productive.

‘The government has to take measures to create demand’

Though we have graduated from BS4 to BS6, the problem of pollution will continue as long as the older generation vehicles keep plying on the road.

Locals protest against titanium mining in southern province Bình Định

“The province’s decision to halt mining activities is not due to the company’s fault, but due to the residents’ protests. The prolonged project has caused significant losses for us; we hope that the authorities will soon find a measure to address the situation,” Dũng said. — VNS

Rebuilding the EPA

Many of the nation’s most important public health, environmental and scientific institutions will need significant reinvestments in staff, research and technology if they are to fulfill their missions in the future. The need for such rebuilding stems from anti-science and anti-regulatory decisions of the Trump administration but also from years of bipartisan neglect. Failure to […]

Welcome to the apocalypse: Los Angeles is compared to Blade Runner after smoke from wildfires turns skies bright orange as blazes sweep across the West Coast leaving at least 23 dead and forcing 10% of Oregon’s population to flee

Oregon fire under investigation as ARSON after body is found near the blaze’s origin and 87% of all 2020 wildfires have been caused by humans  The Almeda fire in Oregon that has so far killed two is now under investigation as a potential arson attack after a body was discovered near the start of the […]