Russia Is Using Undercover Racists to Exploit Africa’s Anti-Racist Political Revolt

The oligarch coyly referred to in the international media as “Putin’s chef” but identified by the U.S. and European governments as a well-heeled emissary of the Kremlin, Prigozhin has been here, there and everywhere, interfering in democratic elections and deploying his “Wagner” mercenary forces to fight in undeclared Russian wars all over the world. He’s […]

Putin holds first war games off US coast in decades as nuclear sub surfaces near Alaska & 6 Russian aircraft intercepted

“This year, we’ve conducted more than a dozen intercepts, the most in recent years. The importance of our continued efforts to project air defence operations in and through the north has never been more apparent.”

US, UK, France launch strikes in Syria, destroy chemical weapon factories

‘Applaud’ Trump for taking military action against the Assad regime for its latest use of chemical weapons, and for signalling his resolve to do so again if these heinous attacks continue, said Senator John McCain, Chairman of the powerful Armed Services Committee.

‘We ARE breaking the law on Brexit’: Tory civil war explodes back into life after admission that new bill breaches international treaty

The resignation yesterday of the head of the Government’s legal department, Jonathan Jones, may not be a matter of war and peace. But the principle is the same: the dangers for Britain of a Prime Minister making up international law as he goes along are clear. 

China threatens to target UK firms including HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover with sanctions if the UK continues to ‘provoke’ Beijing after Dominic Raab suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper said countries like Britain ‘must avoid a China-centric view’ and called on Mr Johnson to help the UK ‘assume a much greater role in global affairs than has been the case in many years’.

Blairite War Cheerleader Oliver Kamm Attacks Russian Media While Working For Opaque Think Tank

“Young people ambitious for a career in journalism should at all costs avoid Russian state propaganda organs,” he warned “With that on your CV, you’ll never get an interview, let alone a job, with a genuine news outlet.” — Oliver Kamm (@OliverKamm) September 11, 2020

British warship heads to Arctic in row over Russia ‘exploiting’ melting ice caps

It is a key area of interest for British military forces. The UK has in recent years joined Norwegian forces in ice conflict training exercises in the High North, as thawing ice creates a growing security threat over resources and shipping routes in the region.

China, Russia key adversaries to world order: Top UK intel official

In the first-ever media briefing at DI’s base in Cambridgeshire, he said the shifting global picture has changed the character of warfare in ways that will challenge the West to keep pace with adversaries who do not play by the rules.

Why Novichok could be Russia’s most terrifying weapon in a war with the West

It was, he said, of high purity and persistence, and would not affected by weather conditions – confirming the British view that this is a military-grade nerve agent called Novichok, which is only made at the secret and closed military town Shikhany in central Russia.  

Germany is mulling economic sanctions against Russia. Do they actually work?

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel: Through good times and bad No insult intended but … “I don’t mean to insult anybody, but Ms. Merkel’s statement is an outburst of a long-accumulated anger over limited sovereignty,” Putin told the press in Saint Petersburg in 2017, commenting on an election campaign address that the German leader had […]