Portland Rioters Torch Pig Head, American and Trump Flags; Speakers Call for Abolishing Police, Prisons

Portland police declared a riot again Wednesday night as rioters burned a severed pig’s head, an American flag and a Trump flag, and threatened and injured officers with a wide range of weapons – including rocks, bottles, fireworks and cans of paint.

Domestic Violence Victims Who Killed Abusers Housed On Treasure Island After Unfair Incarcerations

Many women who killed their abusive partners decades ago ended up with prison terms for life. That changed in 2012 when a new California law allowed the women to go back to the parole board or court and show evidence they were defending themselves from abuse.

Afghan authorities begin release of ‘dangerous’ Taliban prisoners

A prisoner swap formed part of a deal signed by the Taliban and the United States in February, which saw Washington agree to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in return for a pledge from the insurgents to hold peace talks with the Afghan government.

Who is Jodi Arias and is she still in prison for the murder of Travis Alexander?

How can I watch the Jodi Arias documentary? Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery is available to watch on Hulu. It’s a three part documentary detailing the cold-blooded murder of Alexander and the disturbing case that captivated our nation.

IS prisoner issue a ticking timebomb for the West

The IS prisoners no-one wants How do countries deal with IS returnees? What is Islamic State? Under the so-called caliphate those enforcers belonged to the Hisbah, the female morality police, who meted out harsh punishments. Today, despite being behind barbed wire in the camps, they have effectively reconstituted themselves as the same thing.

Saudi ex-spy chief’s lawsuit spotlights secret power plays

Graft allegations against Aljabri have met with scepticism in the American intelligence community, with one former CIA official telling AFP: “Everyone in the US who knows Dr Saad and Saudi Arabia and knows what MBS is capable of, would not believe that.”

‘Liar, Fraud, Con Man’: Michael Cohen’s New Book Claims Trump ‘Cheated’ in 2016 Election

“One last thing I can say with great confidence, as you turn the page and meet the real real Donald Trump for the first time: This is a book the President of the United States does not want you to read,” Cohen adds. Last month, Cohen was ordered to be released from prison and into […]

Ready for Shark Week? The Most Surprising Facts About Sharks

Not all sharks live in salt water. Just like how all sharks don’t look the same, they also don’t all live in the same environments. While the majority of sharks do live in the ocean, some species prefer fresher water, like bow sharks. But there might be a good reason so many sharks prefer salt […]

Researchers Blast Algae, Invasive Plants With UV Rays to Keep Lake Tahoe Blue

The new tool is a light fixture called an array mounted under a working barge, which trolls the marina dousing the plants on the bottom with UV-C light, a short-wave electromagnetic radiation light that damages the DNA and cellular structure of aquatic plants.