Sarah Palin Actually Right About One Thing

For those of you that can’t reconcile a topsy-turvy world where Palin’s claims appear to be supported by the facts, we can offer some alternatives. It’s possible that she went maverick and took the site down herself to prove what a threat she is to “sick, un-American” activities. Or alternatively, in her rush to insert […]

Letitia Wright, Jamie Bell And Michael K. Williams To Star In Bron Studios And Anthony Mandler’s ‘Surrounded’

“I couldn’t be more excited that Surrounded is the first film under my partnership with Aaron L. Gilbert’s Bron and the Blackhand Media banner,” said Mandler. “I’ve always loved the Western genre and the opportunity to tell this story from the eyes of a Black female during the Wild West is an honor.”

You Have Lorne Michaels to Thank for NBC’s Adele Lovefest

Adele has reached the stage in her career where she could’ve released 25 without ever leaving her London mansion and probably still sold the 4 million-and-counting albums she already has. But Adele’s a fan of the traditional album-release cycle (“[Streaming] probably is the future, but, eh,” she told Rolling Stone), so she did a whirlwind […]

‘The Conners’ star Michael Fishman talks about losing his son to drugs

“A couple years ago, I probably would have never shared this, to be honest with you,” Fishman said. “The really important part is that you’re brave enough to admit when you struggle and that you need help or that you aren’t strong.”

RHONY alum Jules Wainstein finalizes divorce with ex Michael four years after bitter split… and months after her arrest for violent altercation with ex

The incident: Jules (above with Michael in 2020) is in legal trouble after she was reported to have violently lashed out at her ex. She’s said to have licked Michael’s car window before moving to the back of the car and hitting the vehicle with a baseball bat

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher: Who is the greatest?

“He deserves every victory he had. I am sure he will get 100. I don’t think you can praise him enough,” said Sebastian Vettel after Sunday’s race, himself a winner of four world titles and 53 races.

Michael Chandler To UFC, Let Me Fight Justin Gaethje!

Chandler — who just signed with UFC after dominating Bellator for the past decade — was the official “alternate” for the Gaethje vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight on Fight Island this past weekend … and says he’s already in shape for a 5-round main event.

The Legend of Halloween Animated Teaser Turns Michael Myers’ Story Into a Kids Book

“I saw the original Halloween when I was about nine years old and it scared the wits out of me. I’ve seen it about fifty times since then and it continues to be my favorite horror film. The mask, the music, the indelible characters, the monologues of pure evil – to me it’s cinematic perfection. […]

Tom Brady Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Month, Continues To Redefine What’s Possible For Quarterbacks

Brady currently ranks second in the NFL with his 18 touchdowns, trailing only Russell Wilson. He’s sixth in passing yards and 10th in passer rating. Most notably, after dealing with some expected hiccups in September in a new offensive system with no preseason and a limited offseason, Brady appears to be getting better.

S.F. scooter rental company Spin expands as Muni struggles

The SFMTA, which oversees Muni, taxi service and new transportation options like scooters, is facing tough choices as it tries to provide safe options for city residents to get around. Over the summer, the agency reported it is facing the prospect of cutting up to 40 of the 68 Muni bus lines that once crisscrossed […]