FDA safety scandal: 50K hidden reports of heart device malfunctioning

The device—the Sprint Fidelis, made by Medtronic—consists of a pair of wires and a defibrillator to jolt the heart into a regular rhythm. But doctors found that it was giving patients random, harmful zaps and sometimes failed during actual cardiac emergencies.

Coronavirus lockdown: Flipkart CEO says no salary cuts for staff, including interns

“A crisis is a great time to show your statesmanship, commitment and character. This is the time to contribute to nation building…We are honouring all commitments, campus placements and also looking at innovative ways of virtual inductions and onboarding,” he was quoted as saying.

Dancing with the Stars contestants’ salaries are ‘revealed’ – and you’ll never guess who was paid NOTHING

Payday: The Secret Life of Us star Claudia Karvan earned just $15,000 for her appearance, as did socialite Christian Wilkins (pictured with host Grant Denyer and dancer Lily Cornish), ex-MAFS groom Dean Wells, retired AFL star Travis Cloke and The X Factor winner Dami Im 

Judge grants summary judgment in Brookline civil rights suit

“We’re committed to continuing to prosecute this case,” said Brooks Ames, an attorney for the Brookline Justice League, which represents Alston. “We don’t think Judge O’Toole fairly considered all the evidence in this case, and we’re looking forward to getting in front of the First Circuit.”

Report: Disney Executives Protest Pay Cuts as Company Set to Furlough Park Employees

Sources who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter said that the cuts affect executives at the VP, Senior VP, and Executive VP level. The executives lament that the salary cuts were decided unilaterally, have no specified end date, and they were given just two days to sign the amended contract.

Acko, Bounce, MakeMyTrip, others hardest hit by Covid-19 turn to layoffs, salary cuts

The founders would be taking a total salary cut, the bike rental startup said. Another scooter rental firm Vogo had also cut staff in December, but has denied any layoffs or pay cuts so far due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Both Bounce and Vogo saw a 10-15% drop in ridership in March. Big.Jobs’ data […]

Spanish league and players still far apart on salary cuts

The league has said the season won’t resume until authorities deem it safe for everyone’s health. It said it will recommend a “minimum of 15 days” of practice before the games can restart, though it suggested recently the training period may begin with restrictions before the lockdown is removed.

Fairfax Health District Reports 3 More Coronavirus Deaths

On Tuesday, Fairfax County officials and counterparts in the National Capital Region released a joint statement urging residents to stay home except for essential tasks. Gov. Ralph Northam’s “stay at home” order has some exceptions, including getting groceries or medicines, caring for a sick family member or friend, getting medical care, outdoor exercise, receiving essential […]

Report: conferences narrow postseason preferences to four

According to Steve Weinberg of USA Today, and based on an outline obtained by the paper, BcS officials and conference commissioners have turned their focus to four options for college football’s postseason beginning in 2014, the season after the current BcS cycles ends.  The two-page summary obtained by the paper, prepared ahead of the next […]

Treat salaries paid to contract employees during shutdown as CSR activity: Suzuki Motorcycle CFO

Suzuki Motorcycle CFO’s comments came in the backdrop of Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging India Inc to not cut salaries or wages of its employees and workers during the lockdown times.This marks the second week of the 21-day lockdown which began March 25. Companies including Suzuki Motorcycle and others have shut down their operations across […]