Sam Mendes calls on Netflix and Amazon to share ‘Covid-19 windfall’ with theatre

The Cultural Investment Participation Scheme was outlined last month by the Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre, which submitted a paper to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport proposing a series of practical solutions to support the theatre industry, amid warnings that 70% of theatres will run out of cash by the end of 2020. […]

Production Designer Dennis Gassner Discusses Race Against Time To Complete ‘1917,’ A War Epic Plotted Out “Inch By Inch”

GASSNER: You start out in a field that’s not even going to be the field that you’re going to be doing the digging in, just to get the timing right. Then, you have to find the place that you’re actually going to do that, and then you have to do it again to make sure […]

Oscars diversity criteria ‘not about exclusion’ say leaders

Starting with the 96th Academy Awards in 2024, best picture nominees will have to meet specific requirements addressing gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and disability in front of and behind the camera in order to qualify. Films must comply with two of four broad representation categories: On screen; among the crew; at the studio; and […]

UK box office report, Jan 17-19: 1917 will set record as UK cinema’s biggest grossing First World War film

Declining just 16 per cent from its opening session, 1917 has delivered second-weekend box office of £6.19m, bringing the total after 10 days to a hefty £18.4m. That’s very close to the entire UK cinema run of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse (£18.7m). 

‘1917’ Leads China Weekend; Korea Has Yet Another Hit With ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ & ‘Greenland’ Makes Hay In France – International Box Office

Universal’s Dolittle is still chatting away in its 3rd weekend, taking 3rd place on Saturday and also taking up the mantle of the highest-grossing 2020 release in the Middle Kingdom. Maoyan is showing a cume through today of $15.4M (RMB 107.3M). The Robert Downey Jr-starrer passed Spies In Disguise (RMB 103.4M/$14.95M) which, while officially a […]

Oscars diversity criteria ‘not about exclusion’ say leaders

“I want to commend them for trying and for putting together a criteria because we know criteria is a way to counter bias,” said Smith. “But we’re not seeing anything that will push conversation forward. They’re not aspirational in any way.”

Academy Awards’ new diversity criteria is about ‘effort to make change’ not ‘exclusion’, Academy leaders say

“We made a film with a very prominent African American filmmaker that was made for the African American audience and he came to the marketing meeting and stared at a bunch of white faces,” he said. “That tells you everything you need to know.”

A life in writing: Vendela Vida

It was a tough book to write, and her struggles with it led inadvertently to the other project that came out of that period – a film script. “While I was writing Let the Northern Lights, Dave was working on What Is the What” – his non-fiction book about a Sudanese refugee. “They were intense books […]

Spain’s €44m Niemeyer centre is shut in galleries glut

As Spain tries to digest the museums and arts centres designed by world-famous architects during the boom years of public investment in culture of the past two decades, a new regional government has forced the centre to shut its doors for at least the next two months.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Haunted by the mind of a monster… how studying serial killer Dennis Nilsen for new TV drama left Daniel Mays shaken

Titles getting cinema showings include Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland, about an underclass of Americans living in vans out West, starring Frances McDormand; Phyllida Lloyd’s Herself, about a battered mother-of-two who decides to build her own home; and Mogul Mowgli, starring Riz Ahmed as a rapper.