Motorola Razr 2020 release date, specs and features

Design and displayThe Razr 2020 functions much like its predecessor – a clamshell foldable that’s about the size of a typical smartphone when unfolded, and takes up about half that footprint when folded closed. That enables it to pull off some neat tricks that typical smartphones cannot, but mostly, the Razr’s advantage lies in its […]

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G review: Don’t call it a budget phone

Of course, photo quality depends on the situation, and a phone isn’t necessarily as consistent as more expensive devices. In good lighting, photos are colorful and bright, with a decent amount of dynamic range and solid detail. In low light, the photos are relatively noisy and lack detail, which is usually the case with midrange […]

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 rival made for the outdoors

These are the very best smartwatchesMaybe you’ll prefer a running watchPerhaps you’re looking for the best Huawei phoneFeel like you’ve heard of these features before? You may have done so on the brand new Honor Watch GS Pro, which has a remarkably similar feature set but has a different design and is made by Huawei’s […]

Best smartphone deals for September 2020: iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel

Google Pixel smartphone deals Google was late to the hardware game, but given that this software titan is the brain behind the Android operating system, it’s no surprise that its Pixel phones deliver what might be the best out-of-the-box Android experience to be found in a mobile device. In contrast to decade-old devices like the […]

Apple announces September 15 virtual event where it could unveil new iPhone 12 following months of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic

Apple was rumored to have something great in-store for the public today and the hashtag ‘appleevent’ began trending on Twitter early Tuesday morning with thousands anticipating the big reveal. Many believed it was a  new Apple Watch Series 6 and an iPad Air

The best folding phones of 2020: What’s available now and what’s coming up

Folding phones on the horizon Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 The successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 promises to succeed where the older phone failed. Not only does it unsurprisingly update the specs of its predecessor, but it looks set to solve the durability issues that plagued the original […]

Samsung reveals virtual reality headset powered by a smartphone

Aside from the hardware and software development, Carmack told the audience that Oculus and Samsung plan to offer “Oculus VR Cinema” films, which will include previously released ones like Kung Fu Panda as well as “360 experience videos.” The companies also plan to release VR-oriented games. “We’re investing in the mobile VR ecosystem to make sure […]

Asus ZenFone 7 Pro Review: The best selfie camera you can get on a phone

How long will it last? The ZenFone 7 Pro isn’t water resistant but does come with a decent rugged case, which should protect it from too much harm. The phone’s specification is good, and Asus promises two major Android software updates will arrive on the ZenFone 7 Pro, which will include the Android 11 update […]

When Is Android 11 Coming to My Phone, and How Do I Install It?

The folks over at XDA-Developers are maintaining an Android 11 Update Tracker. This is a handy place to see if your device is receiving a stable update or test out a beta version. If all else fails, you can simply do a web search for “[your phone] Android 11 update” to find information.

The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first-ever Android phone, is $1,400

First, the 3577mAh battery is extremely small. A single-screen Galaxy S20 has a 4000mAh battery, and the Ultra version is at 5000mAh. Neither of those phones is trying to push dual 5.6-inch displays. Displays account for the vast majority of smartphone battery usage, and there will be no getting around the fact that two of […]