Dr. Sanjay Gupta remembers ‘giant’ of neurosurgery who separated conjoined twins

Goodrich once told me that he was too busy with his work to ever have kids of his own. He said he had committed himself to taking care of the world’s kids instead, especially the ones who needed him most. He added that “after a while, those special patients become kind of like your own […]

Trying to bake your own bread? Here’s how to make yeast at home

And a husband created an amazing quarantine home restaurant for his wife after all their date nights were cancelled.

New Covid-19 listener questions answered: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s coronavirus podcast for March 31

“I’d like to thank the hospital cleaning staff who are critical to our fight with this virus. They are at high risk for infection every day and have been called upon to work much more intensely than ever before. We, as medical providers, entered medicine to care for patients. We understand the risk. Our courageous […]

Holly Willoughby shares her pride after baking a loaf of bread after revealing coronavirus lockdown moodswings

Phil was seen swigging from an enormous bottle of gin at his family home, while Holly was spotted wearing gloves as she stocked up at Marks and Spencer.

The best Instagram cookalongs to follow in your kitchen at home

Make friends with your larder Jack Monroe, otherwise known as @BootstrapCook, is the master of the lockdown larder on Twitter, helping vast numbers of people to use random ingredients they have to hand – just submit your question by 5pm. On Instagram, the natural fast-food chain Leon, which has transformed its restaurants into mini supermarkets […]

Coronavirus: The restaurants feeding hospital staff

All money raised goes to local businesses who will then prepare and deliver food to the hospitals, meaning the scheme provides meals for health workers but also helps restaurants and caterers who would be faced with a loss of business during the current crisis.

People are cooking their way through the coronavirus pandemic. Here are their mouthwatering creations

Los Angeles resident Erik Dahlgren has had to work from home during the pandemic. But armed with a 25-pound bag of flour, he’s been experimenting with bread-making. He recently put a photo of freshly baked sourdough to his Instagram account.

Where To Snag These Cutie-Pie Cupcakes On Pi Day In South Bay

SusieCakes’ founder, Susan Sarich, grew up in the Midwest, loving her grandmothers’ fresh baked treats. She meticulously recorded the recipes of her grandmas, Mildred and Madeline, and used those to launch her West Coast business selling pies, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and more.

Stress eating these days? Here’s some help

Try healthier swaps. If a certain craving drives your stress eating, such as “I’ve gotta have a calorie-laden cinnamon roll,” consider healthier substitutes to calm the craving, like a cinnamon pecan breakfast cereal or adding cinnamon and a little brown sugar to your morning oatmeal, O’Neil explained.

Mum’s 14-day quarantine meal prep – it’s cheap and ‘not 500 ways with Spam’

Breakfast: Banana pancakes, frozen fruit, fruit juice Lunch: Black bean quesadillas, cheese, sweet potato wedges Dinner: Tinned salmon, frozen pea and mint risotto Read More Coronavirus outbreak