Bill Withers: 10 Essential Songs

“Ain’t No Sunshine” gets all the credit as a tragic high point in Withers’ catalog, but “Hope She’ll Be Happier” is really his most bereft moment. The song consists of little more than Withers’ disconsolate wails and a simple motif on guitar; sustained organ lines add a funereal air. The lyrics are brutally straightforward: “I […]

Corona Chronicles: Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Donates Test Kits, An Actor Reveals Diagnosis, and Other Personal Stories

We’re incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to keep working through this pandemic. I can’t help but think about our main character, Nora, whose job in Season 1 as a ride-share driver would not allow her to work from home. There are so many people right now in that situation, who have lost jobs, or […]

Pixel vs. Pixel 2: the five biggest changes

The other way to look at this, of course, is from the perspective of sheer practicality. And I have much sympathy for that. Most people just want a device compatible with all the stuff they already have, and in case of emergency, they want to be able to plug in some random pair of headphones […]

When Racism Is Fit to Print

Except, of course, we haven’t. America was founded in cruelty. Slavery was inextricable from it — not just because of the violence and humiliation, but because of the continuing psychological torment of being treated as captive subhuman, to be nakedly subject to brute power and violence. All forms of torture likewise represent a cruelty of […]

Matt Zoller Seitz’s Favorite Drama Episodes of 2012

10. Downton Abbey, “Part Five” (Written by Julian Fellowes, directed by Bryan Kelley.) This is one of season two’s most eventful episodes, and arguably the one that best fuses credible emotion and flagrant melodrama. Matthew (Dan Stevens) and William (Thomas Howes) are wounded in battle; the former suffers a spinal injury and is told he may […]

Inside the Kennedy “Curse”: How the Dynasty Endures in the Wake of So Much Tragedy and Scandal

After serving 16 years in Congress, during which he made headlines when he crashed his car into a barricade on Capitol Hill, Patrick Kennedy chronicled his battle with substance abuse and depression in his 2015 book A Common Struggle: A Personal Journey Through the Past and Future of Mental Illness and Addiction. When cousin Christopher Lawford (Peter and Pat’s […]

Daily Horoscope: 04 April 2020

Taurus: 20 April – 20 May Your marital life will be blissful. Big changes can be seen in your life partner’s nature. Today they will forget your anger and treat you with love. If you are associated with business, then a big profit is waiting for you today. On the other hand, the day of […]