Former Monarch Juan Carlos to Be Available to Prosecution Despite Leaving Spain, Lawyer Says

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has expressed its “respect” toward the royal decision, while also recognizing “the sense of exemplariness and transparency” that have guided King Felipe since he assumed the position of monarch, according to the RTVE broadcaster.

Muslim Brotherhood leader hits out at Britain after Sisi sworn in

Munir, who was first imprisoned under Egypt’s autocratic president Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s, insisted the Brotherhood was cooperating fully with a government review of the Brotherhood ordered by David Cameron in April. The prime minister has been criticised for bowing to pressure from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, all rattled by the […]

Spain’s former king leaving country amid financial scandal

Though Juan Carlos’ finances have been questioned in Spanish media for years, there have so far been no legal implications for him. Spanish lawmakers have rejected at least two proposals since the first allegations emerged to open parliamentary investigations.