World Health Organization chief hits back at Donald Trump saying don’t politicize the coronavirus crisis ‘if you don’t want many more body bags’ after president threatened to freeze millions in funds for ‘China-centric’ agency

‘The WHO, that’s the World Health Organization, receives vast amounts of money from the United States and we pay for a majority, the biggest portion of their money, and they actually criticized and disagreed with my travel ban at the time I did it,’ Trump said near the top of the briefing. 

I am a greedy actor, says Shweta

“Though I had shot for ‘Haramkhoor’ first, ‘Masaan’ was my debut film and was shot in Varanasi. ‘Mirzapur’ was shot in Varanasi-Bhadoi-Mirzapur and then there is National Award winning director Sanjoy Nag’s film ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ (Revati and Tejeswani Kulkarni) that we shot in Varanasi and is yet to come. Now, it’s Honey’s (Trehan) which […]

LG reveals new design language for next phone

Korean news portal Naver reported this month that LG would be launching a phone on May 15th with a new brand and design intended to reproduce the success of Chocolate, the company’s iconic pre-smartphone series. It’s said to use Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765 with integrated 5G and target a more affordable price point. We’ll have […]

‘Logbook lenders’ are flouting the law, say debt advisers

“The logbook industry is still in the dark ages and has been getting away with lawless practices,” said Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice. “It is absolutely absurd that a firm should be able to take away someone’s possessions without any due legal process. High interest rates and lack of affordability checks, as well […]

Federal court says California OK in forcing shifts to district elections

Higginson is represented by the nonprofit Project on Fair Representation, which also sponsored the suit that led to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2013 striking down an important enforcement provision of the U.S. Voting Rights Act. That law had required state and local governments with a history of racial bias to seek Justice Department […]

Coronavirus death rate among Latinos appears low, but experts say the data are thin

Another is the fact that many Latinos work in jobs that are still deemed essential — including service jobs in grocery stores and pharmacies, healthcare and janitorial work, and farm labor picking crops — and may feel financial pressure to work, upping the risk of exposure.

Upcoming LG smartphones to feature new minimalist design language

Since there’s no going back from all-screen front displays, LG’s design has mostly to do with the device’s rear, which unlike the “squarish camera bump seen on many of today’s high-end smartphones,” features a “Raindrop” design on the upper-left corner, along with front-back symmetrical curves for the body.

BBC host slams UK politicians for suggesting ‘fighters’ can survive Covid-19

“This is a health issue with huge ramifications for social welfare, and it’s a welfare issue with huge ramifications for public health.”#Newsnight reported on #coronavirus and how the pandemic is widening social and economic divisions

Paw-don us but here is a video of child and cat furenship you must see

This is August, a stray cat who adopted us. He is the sweetest cat who just wants snuggles. from r/awwHere is what Redditors had to say about this fur-endly encounter. An individual wrote, “I like how your daughter has already learned how to be gentle with critters. That’s pretty awesome”. While another said, “I love […]

Plan Commission Recommends Albion Development Despite Complaints

“We’ve got four variances coming around here now. What public benefit does that have to us? Hanging some art? The sacrifice of a whole neighborhood, the park, congestion. I do believe they will still profit immensely with four stories. They are smart people and good designers. I’ve seen the packets, they’re experts,” Mordini said. Neighbors […]