Tasmanian Government’s effort to ‘reset relationship’ with Aboriginal community ‘a disaster’, advocates say

“Each of them took over a year to grind through the mills of the Nomenclature Board, so Tasmania has been very behind other jurisdictions and we’ve never had any funding or any other support of any kind from the Tasmanian Government,” she said.

Outbreak Vs. Pandemic: Sorting Through Language In The Coronavirus Era

The “shelter in place” directive, which currently applies to several regions across the US, demands that people only leave their homes for the most essential needs. The term itself is conventionally used for an active shooter situation. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who opted to use the words safer at home in issuing a new guidance […]

Eric Reid demands an investigation and a re-vote on the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement because ‘language cutting disability payments was mysteriously added AFTER the deal was approved’

‘The democratic process has played itself out,’ tweeted Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, one of the most influential voices in the union. ‘We must be committed to unifying our current and former members. While I don’t agree with the decision because of its negative impacts on some current and former players, I do respect our process […]

How children with special needs and their parents are navigating the lockdown

“Lockdown is a difficult period for deaf children as most of them cannot communicate even with their parents, leading to strife within the family. I get 20 calls a day from the parents of hearing-impaired children who find it hard to it deal with them. Most parents do not know the sign language, and they […]

COVID-19: Stay-at-home heightening sexual violence against women, girls — Groups

READ ALSO: Unseen spirit made me rape my three-year-old step-daughter — suspect They tasked the authorities to also do the following:” Ensure that within and beyond this COVID 19 crises, support resourcing and access are extended to organizations responding to domestic violence to provide assistance, including shelter, counselling, and legal aid to sexual and gender-based violence […]

COVID-19: Stay-at-home heightening sexual violence against women, girls ― Groups

“As the nation locks down, and in a bid to prevent the pandemic, it is important that these support and protection services are available and accessible so that women are shielded from the risks of transferred aggression in their homes,” the statement said.

Corona Chronicles: Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Donates Test Kits, An Actor Reveals Diagnosis, and Other Personal Stories

I thought these masks would be used for health care workers treating non-coronavirus patients and possible other support staff members, but they have been requested by staff who find themselves in harm’s way and need to add a layer to their hospital-issued PPE to increase its usefulness and make it last longer. We also hope […]

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Revive “Really!?!” Segment to Criticize Mitch McConnell

In order to ensure that her kids are still learning, Poehler said she has begun teaching them the sign language alphabet. “A lot of working parents out there are maybe going through this, which is my kids aren’t learning anything,” she said. “I will say the two things I didn’t think were gonna go away […]

Bay Area students with special needs more at risk during the coronavirus closures

For single mom Olivia Fraga, a home-care provider, help can’t come soon enough. Her son, Martin, is a fourth-grader at San Francisco’s Sanchez Elementary School. He has Down syndrome, requiring significant support at home and when he’s at school.

How Google’s AMP project speeds up the Web—by sandblasting HTML

But AMP’s markup language is really just one part of the picture. After all, if all AMP really wanted to do was strip out all the enhancements and just present the content of a page, there are existing ways to do that. Speeding things up for users is a nice side benefit, but the point […]