The Goodwill Tribe’s ‘Letters in the time of Corona’ initiative aims to cheer up those feeling under the weather

It was yet another mundane Monday. Juliet (name changed), a teacher to autistic children, stepped out of her house feeling low and in dire need of encouragement. Her work had, for long, been undervalued by her family and peers. Just as she left the gate, a bundle of letters caught her eye. Little did she […]

Trump hints that he may get involved in Navy officer drama over leaked coronavirus letter

Meanwhile, with coronavirus related deaths spiking in Los Angeles County and “a critical week” ahead, health officials advised residents on Monday to stay at home and avoid shopping to limit the spread of the virus. Officials confirmed 420 new coronavirus cases in the county and 15 deaths on Monday. Over 6,360 cases and 147 deaths […]

How to cope if lockdown stops you being with a dying loved one: Grief charity advises writing down the last words you would have said to them and ‘screaming out’ your anger

members of the person’s householdclose family membersif the deceased has neither household or family members in attendance, then it is possible for a modest number friends to attendmourners should also follow the advice on social distancing when travelling to and from the funeral gathering.The following people should not attend funerals under any circumstances: 

Prince Harry & Meghan plan new charitable trust ‘Archewell’, say it was the inspiration for baby Archie’s name

In 1993, Princess Diana sued the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) because the Sunday Mirror published secretly-taken pictures of the royal exercising in a gym. She also sought a permanent ban on the publication of the pictures, which showed the princess clad in a leotard and cycling shorts. The paper apologised, and an out-ofcourt settlement was […]

‘Immediately Fire Him’: Retired Navy Officer Turned Dem-Congresswoman Calls For Modly’s Job After Leaked Speech

Sailors could be seen cheering Crozier after his dismissal last week, and an audio of part of Modly’s speech obtained by Task & Response indicated that it was not well received. (RELATED: USS Roosevelt Sailors Cheer In Support Of Fired Commander As He Exits The Coronavirus-Infected Ship)

Coronavirus Diagnosis Prompts Mass General Hospital Doctor To Join Experimental Drug Study

“I would enroll my family in a heartbeat” if the need arose, said Dr. Libby Hohmann, who placed Singh and nearly 30 others in the NIH one at Mass General. To have no approved medicines for COVID-19 now is “kind of terrifying,” she said.

‘Shut the F*** up’: What one sailor shouted when Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly flew to Guam and told fired aircraft carrier’s captain’s crew their hero ‘was too naive or too stupid to be a commanding officer’

READ NAVY SECRETARY MODLY’S FULL SPEECH TO THE CREW OF THE TEDDY ROOSEVELT When I first hear you had COVID cases on here, I was actually planning on being here last Tuesday after I went to see the Mercy off in Los Angeles. So I want you to know that no one in my level […]

US Navy Secretary apologises for calling ex-captain of coronavirus-infected aircraft carrier ‘stupid’

The apology, which Mr Modly also extended to the carrier’s crew and Captain Crozier’s family, was a reversal from a statement the Navy’s top civilian issued hours earlier which said: “I stand by every word I said, even, regrettably any profanity that may have been used for emphasis.”

Facebook expects more data abuses will be discovered

More from Facebook Coronavirus: Facebook to produce ‘heat maps’ of COVID-19 infections Coronavirus: WhatsApp to limit message forwarding to tackle misinformation UK announces 2% digital services tax on Facebook, Google and Amazon Coronavirus: NHS teams up with web giants to ‘battle’ online misinformation Coronavirus: Facebook closes London offices after employee diagnosed Facebook closes offices after […]