Say hello to THE sustainable beauty launch of 2021 – self tan just got a whole lot cleaner!

Award-winning Australian tanning and suncare brand Bondi Sands has come to the rescue with its new Pure Self Tanning Range, which is packaged in ethically sourced and 100 per cent recyclable packaging so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment, while still getting that iconic golden glow you love.

Massive marketing company to pay $150 million for facilitating elder fraud scheme, state U.S. DA said

Epsilon employees continued to sell the data to clients engaged in fraud despite knowing those and similar clients had been arrested, charged with crimes, convicted and otherwise subject to law enforcement actions for false and misleading practices, the news release read.

Reddit and Elon Musk’s GameStop stock surge? ‘It’s a Ponzi scheme’

To him, there are reasonable explanations why people could be somewhat excited about GameStop. One of its newest board members, Ryan Cohen, helped turn Chewey into one of the largest online pet product sellers in the world, before selling it to PetSmart. GameStop’s also on a track to being profitable again.

Reddit and Elon Musk’s GameStop stock rocket: This ‘insane’ ‘Ponzi scheme’ can’t last

Meantime, traffic to the Reddit community at the center of the drama, WallStreetBets, is breaking records. WallStreetBets counted 73 million page views for its discussion boards on Tuesday, according to a report by Mashable. Over the past week, it’s hit about 700 million page views. Reddit is already the 46th most popular site on the […]

Reddit’s AMC, GameStop stock go wild: This ‘insane’ ‘Ponzi scheme’ can’t last

The Reddit community’s actions have had such an impact that TD Ameritrade took the extraordinary step of limiting share trading on Game Stop and AMC stocks, “out of an abundance of caution amid unprecedented market conditions.” Nasdaq as well warned that it will halt trading on stocks it thinks are being manipulated by social media.

Reddit makes AMC, GameStop stock go wild: This ‘insane’ ‘Ponzi scheme’ can’t last

Many of today’s young adults spent their youth in GameStop stores, lining up for new consoles, as well as buying and selling used video games. Now some of those people are making a fortune buying the company’s stock and cheerleading their friends on Reddit to buy more of it too even as it rises and falls […]

How the superrich are scheming to get the vaccine before you

Meanwhile, some wealthy vaccine seekers whose country or home state has not afforded them any means to skip the queue are crossing borders to get the job done. In the U.S., wealthy Americans flocked to Florida to receive inoculations after its governor signed an executive order that prioritized vaccinations for people aged 65 and up […]

Coronavirus: Tom Hanks shares inspiring update on health after testing positive

“There are those for whom it could lead to a very serious illness. We are taking it one-day-at-a-time. There are things we can all do to get through this by following the advice of experts and taking care of ourselves and each other, no?

Good news for PM-Kisan beneficiaries: Kisan credit card to be issued to 12 lakh farmers in this state

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme aims at providing adequate and timely credit support from the banking system under a single window with flexible and simplified procedure to the farmers to meet the short term credit requirements for cultivation of crops, investment credit requirements for agriculture and allied activities and other needs.

Fifteen ways Boris Johnson didn’t ‘do everything we could’ to stop 100k Covid deaths

A Warwick University study claimed the scheme drove new infections up by between 8 and 17%. While you might justify this as protecting the economy – and preventing all the woe and ill health that flows from being made redundant – you can’t say it was “doing everything” to prevent Covid deaths.