Think big, start early: New effort to close gender gap in science starts in preschool

Parental expectations are one of the earliest roadblocks to girls exploring science and challenging themselves in math. Worldwide, parents are much less likely to expect their daughters to work in STEM careers than their sons, even if they show the same ability, according to a 2015 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). That’s […]

You can do science in Borderlands 3 now to help out real-life medical research

What it all boils down to is that computers are rubbish at organising information about DNA, and in their research computers have made loads of errors that scientists need you to sort through. The game doesn’t have you looking at loads of raw data though (that wouldn’t be fun at all), what you’ll have to […]

Coronavirus unlikely to diminish with warm weather, National Academies of Sciences panel finds

“Issues with data quality include the estimates of reproductive rate, assumptions about infectivity period, and short observational time windows,” the report finds. Such studies have also left out other factors that could explain patterns of the virus’ spread, including geography, health-care systems, per capita income and the availability of disease testing.

Why riding to Everest Base Camp in Tibet is the ride of a lifetime

For me, that was a test of fortitude. Not only was I battling temperatures that were hovering around freezing point, I was also tense with trepidation about whether Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) would envelop me in its deadly embrace. I knew that to battle it, I had to consume a lot of water and keep […]

Anime Hit My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Now In Production

A movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, was also released earlier this year on February 26. You can read GameSpot’s thoughts on My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Reviewer Jordan Ramée says of the film, “There’s plenty to love about My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising–it manages to inject an exciting and compelling side story into the […]

Why hand-reared butterflies don’t do as well as their wild kin

Monarch butterflies raised in captivity rarely survive the species’ grueling, nearly 5000-kilometer migration. Now, researchers think they know why. When the insects were raised in indoor cages, they grew up paler (an indication of poor health) and 56% weaker (as measured in a grip strength test), researchers report today in Biology Letters. The reason may […]

Hope to get nasal vaccine against Covid-19 into market in 12-18 months: Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech

The most durable protection against the novel coronavirus is a vaccine. World Health Organisation said recently that over 30 vaccines to treat the virus were under development. Hyderabad-based vaccine maker Bharat Biotech International Ltd (BBIL) is one of the many companies on the job. Krishna M Ella, a molecular biologist and chairman and managing director […]

The surprising science behind better brainstorming

If you’ve got time, take time Berg says there are obvious limits to his study: Participants were asked to come up with three or four ideas. What about when somebody has five, or ten, or twenty? “When you have lots of initial ideas, your most promising idea might not be your second favorite,” he says. […]

How House of Horrors Siblings Are Enjoying Life After Alleged Captivity and ‘Just Want to Move On’

“Victims in these kinds of cases, they tell their story, but they tell it slowly. They tell it at their own pace,” Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin told the Associated Press in late January. “It will come out when it comes out.”

Animal Crossing is the most soothing thing on Twitch

It’s likely a combination of these elements that has made the game so popular on Twitch. New Horizons is novel, it can make for more interactive and community-oriented streams, and it’s also a new game, which often leads to an initial spike in popularity. There’s also the timing. New Horizons landed just as almost everyone […]