Science behind the new £20 note – and why it’s almost impossible to forge

The Bank of England explained: “The printed lines and colours on the note are sharp, clear and free from smudges or blurred edges. If you use a magnifying glass, you will see the value of the note written in small letters and numbers below the Queen’s portrait.”

Science academy’s new president cleared many hurdles on way to the top

McNutt also regrets the sexism scandal that rocked Science beginning in July 2014, when the journal published a cover photo featuring a pair of transgender women in platform shoes and skin-tight dresses with their heads cropped out of the shot. Though McNutt publicly vowed to “strive to do much better,” that faux pas was followed […]

Science Channel Recruits Former CIA Operative to Investigate Government Secrets in New Series ‘Black Files Declassified’ (Exclusive)

The Science Channel is delving deep into secretive government operations with the “unprecedented access” of former CIA operative Mike Baker in its new series, Black Files Declassified, can exclusively announce. Premiering Thursday, April 2, the new show will investigate different top-secret government programs as Baker conducts his own research into phenomena such as alien […]

Covid-19 update: Science and tech group set up to look into long-term solutions

With the entire world battling the Covid-19 infection that has killed at least 35,000 people, Indian scientists have come together to help front-line healthcare workers by devising cheaper ventilators, new diagnostics kits that can be manufactured in the country, innovative personal protective equipment, and newer ways to disinfect hospitals.

Return to Aperture Science and anger GLaDOS in ‘Bridge Constructor Portal’

Bridge Constructor Portal is a mashup of Valve’s puzzle-adventure game and the Bridge Constructor civil engineering simulator, and it’s the game we never knew we wanted until now. Created by ClockStone Software — the same studio behind the original Bridge Constructor — Bridge Constructor Portal tasks players with thinking outside the traditional bounds of physics […]

Vietnam aims at commercializing scientific research results

Yet unlike their international counterparts where intellectual property matters are dealt with continuously to both increase the reputation and improve research quality, domestic research institutes are quite unfamiliar with procedures as to intellectual property.

Coronavirus | Use more masks, India’s top science advisory body recommends

“The proposed guide is meant to provide a simple outline of best practices to make, use and reuse masks to enable NGOs and individuals to self-create such masks and accelerate widespread adoption of masks across India. The key criteria for proposed designs are Ease of Access to Materials, Easy of Making at Home, Ease of […]

Nasa astronauts could build Moon base using their own PEE and lunar dirt to make ‘space concrete’

The Moon is a natural satellite – a space-faring body that orbits a planet It’s Earth’s only natural satellite, and is the fifth biggest in the Solar System The Moon measures 2,158 miles across, roughly 0.27 times the diameter of Earth Temperatures on the Moon range from minus 173 degrees Celcius to 260 degrees Celcius […]

Science-backed tips to settle into your new work-from-home routine

Take care of your body It is hard to get much movement in when you work from home. Maybe you have a pet or toddler to chase around. Unlike your typical workplace, though, you probably don’t need to walk the hallways to get to a printer or the conference room. It is all in one […]

Framingham State Offers Free Science Learning To Local Students

The Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center, named for the astronaut and teacher who died in the 1986 Challenger disaster, is usually a destination for local schools during normal times. Thousands of students each year visit the Framingham State University Planetarium and the Challenger Learning Center.