Pac-12 Decision A Blow For Stanford Athlete, Vendors Hoping For A Lucrative Fall Football Season

Butler is part of the Pac-12 unity group of about 400 athletes who were demanding better medical protocols and safer conditions before Tuesday’s decision. Among the demands were support for the student-athletes, including preservation of this year’s eligibility.

Tributes flood in as Sir Terry Wogan prepares for final Radio 2 Breakfast Show

“Terry started on his show when I was seven. I remember listening at the breakfast table on cold school mornings with the sound turned down very low, because I didn’t want to disturb my dad’s breakfast on the other side of the table. Terry was solidly mainstream while I was in my teenage/punk phase, which […]

Texans’ Bradley Roby laments Big Ten football season postponement

“I was kind of upset, especially with the Big Ten doing it first,” Roby said. “I would’ve rather seen one of the other conferences do it first. I like to talk trash about the Big Ten. I’m from the South so, everyone I know always talks about the SEC, so it would’ve been good to […]

Final Fantasy 14 5.3: Nier Automata’s Beloved Character Finally Shows Up In Crossover Story

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You May Need A New Account To Play The Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial

A Square Enix representative confirmed this was the case, telling GameSpot “if anyone has purchased any version of FFXIV in the past, they cannot participate in the free trial with that account.” So while a free trial account can be converted to a paying account, a paying account can’t be reverted back to a free […]

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone: Here Are The Patch Notes For August 11

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone have received a new update that fine-tunes several weapons within the games. Senior communications manager Ashton Williams detailed on Twitter how weapons such as the FAL and M91 will receive increased damage, while a second patch–still to come–will also fix graphical corruption issues with weapons. The full patch […]

College Football Considering 2 Seasons in 2021, Spring and Fall

One source tells us … it will be up to players if they want to stay on campus or return to their homes. With most classes available online and no team practices allowed until January, some players will see no reason to stay.

Emile Cilliers’ final disgusting insult to wife Victoria after trying to murder her twice

“Cause he’s so good at what he does and making you feel like you are the only person in the world. You’re the most important thing in the world, and yeah he promises you the Earth.”

Chicago boutique owners looted twice in three months call for help: ‘We are not equipped to defend our store’

“I know that they are trying to do their best. But from what I understand, they are told not to engage and stop these thieves unless … personal harm [was] being threatened or done to individuals,” he said. “ So there has been no increased police presence that I have noticed since the first riots and that needs to happen.”

The city was at the epicenter of Europe’s pandemic. Now its soccer club wants to ‘bring a smile’ back to ‘damaged’ region

Gasperini was appointed manager of Atalanta in June 2016, following a successful spell at Genoa — and a not-so-successful spell at Inter Milan where he was sacked after just three months — and immediately brought about an uptick in form with his attacking style of play and innovative 3-4-1-2 formation.