The epicurean way: a four-day road trip around South Australia’s wine regions

The riesling sémillon channels the maritime winds into a margarita-like blend of salt and lime. It’s still on my mind as the sun sets behind the skeleton of an old jetty at Port Willunga. After four days of constantly evolving scenery, the sea views represent another abrupt change. Less than an hour away, another completely […]

Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP Over ‘Ongoing Violence’ After Mayor Declares Autonomous Zone Over

“Officers continue to give dispersal orders and are checking Cal Anderson restrooms. Police will be clearing [the] north end of the park soon. Thank you to the individuals affiliated with the CHOP who have assisted officers in encouraging people to safely leave the area,” the SPD stated.

SF Tenderloin residents, irked by smoke from upscale market, launch ‘Pink Lungs Matter’ movement

“It is high-quality hard wood and one of the best for cooking food on an open grill,” Gatti told SFGATE. He said mesquite, which is often shipped from Texas and therefore pricier than traditional stove fuel, imbues the food with a flavor and fragrance “appealing to most people.”

GOP Congressional Candidate Gets Into Scuffle With Teens Over ‘Say No to Joe’ Campaign Sign

In an email, Keller told Newsweek that the event was “nothing” and that “if anything the sign’s theft and retrieval was orchestrated” by the teens, whom he called “children of the corn” (a reference to a 1984 horror film). He also denied that he had grabbed a teen by the ankles or pulled down his […]

Yes, the Bay Area just suffered some of its worst-ever air quality days: Charts show how bad

“What’s really interesting is the smoke was blown in last week offshore and mixed down with the marine layer, and is now moving back inland,” Knoderer said. “Prior to that it would come from local (fire) complexes. Now we’re looking at a more widespread smoke event on the West Coast.”

The closed restaurants of the Top 100 list

Frances isn’t the kind of restaurant that would work well under the conditions of the pandemic. Part of the sweetness of the space it has occupied for the past 10 years has been its cramped feeling: the way one would have to restrain from gesticulating too furiously over the lush pleasures of its menu. It’s […]

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Marked the Two Biggest Days Ever for Small & Medium Businesses Selling on

Top selling categories for small and medium businesses include: Electronics PC Home Toys Health and Personal Care  Top selling products from local small and medium businesses include: Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit (Tinkertanker) Snailax Massage Mat (COMFIER) 5″ HD Display Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio (Trekvue) Mountain Stand Laptop Stand (O2 Innovations)   Nature’s […]

Best Christmas gifts for mum – presents she’ll really love opening on the big day

Crafted from high-polished 18 carat gold plated vermeil silver, each of these earrings has a small compass-inspired drop. Giving a nod to the age-old technique of celestial navigation, an engraved star design takes centre stage with eight rays of light shooting out from a glittering white sapphire centre. Lovely.

Supercomputers, simulations, and the new science of extreme weather attribution

And there, climate models are basically the same models that are used to do the weather forecast. They are built on the same principles, and we use them to simulate possible weather in the world we live in today. And so that gives us then an estimate of what type of extreme treatment event it […]

Santa Cruz County fires left no time for warnings: ‘The only evacuation notice we got was a wall of fire’

Frase began frantically looking for her animals when Martinez-McKinney came screeching up in his truck, urging her to leave. Martinez-McKinney helped her jump-start her car with a generator before she left, barefoot and without her dentures, with the one dog she could find.