Air pollution may lead to 5% GDP decrease for Vietnam: foreign investors

Air quality monitor equipment at schools seeks to raise students’ awareness of pollution Students of Thanh Đa Secondary School in HCM City’s Bình Thạnh District have greater awareness of air pollution and measures to prevent it after an air quality index monitor was installed in the school a few months ago.  

Air pollution forces Vietnam to cough up $13 billion a year

Estimated losses, based on financial support towards lowering the mortality risk posed by air pollution, were equal to 4.45 – 5.64 percent of GDP, said Associate Professor Dinh Duc Truong, head of the National Economics University’s Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Urban Studies.

Air pollution levels ‘forcing families to move out of cities’

A survey by Mumsnet found some parents so concerned they have considered moving home because of it. Almost four in 10 parents in Greater London had contemplated leaving, compared to 28% in urban areas overall. In a typical recent post on Mumsnet, a mother explained that she and her husband were looking to send their […]

Air pollution worse inside London classrooms than outside, study finds

Young children – who are more vulnerable to airborne pollutants than adults – are breathing in fine particle pollution (PM10 and the even smaller PM2.5) at levels which are higher than the annual World Health Organisation guidelines of 20μg/m3 and 10μg/m3 respectively, the report said. Particulate pollution is primarily a product of diesel vehicles, tyre […]

From supplements to shield your skin to room filters… What’s the best way to mask the dangers of toxic air pollution?

EXPERT VERDICT: Tim Robinson, an air quality analysis expert, says: ‘NASA research in the Eighties and Nineties suggested some houseplants — include these particular varieties — can help purify the air in our homes by filtering out toxic agents such as benzene and ammonia from the air. 

$1.3M air pollution fine issued to Gorge aluminum recycler

In April, inspectors found that the company, which is owned by Norway-based Norsk Hydro, had been improperly melting down coated aluminum for over a year. The facility in The Dalles was only allowed to melt down “clean charge” material, meaning it is free of grease, oil and other coatings.

Air pollution costs Vietnam at least 10.8 billion USD each year

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam suffers around 10.8 – 13.2 billion USD worth of economic losses associated with ambient air pollution each year, equivalent to 4.45 – 5.64 percent of the country’s GDP, heard a discussion in Hanoi on January 14. The figure is calculated by a research project of the National University of Economics (NEU), […]

Air pollution costs Vietnam at least $10.8 billion each year

President of the Vietnam Clean Air Network Hoang Duong Tung said that emissions from vehicles are a major source of air pollution in urban areas (60 percent), adding Vietnam is the world’s fourth largest motorcycle market with 46 million vehicles, after China, India and Indonesia.

UK Gov’t Starts Consultations on Draft Plan Aimed at Tackling Air Pollution

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The issue of air pollution in the United Kingdom has been topical for years as environmental groups, such as ClientEarth, demanded the government work out and publish its plan to tackle the problem. The demands of the environmentalists had been supported by a number of court rulings. “We want to know what you think about our draft plan to improve air quality in England, Scotland, Wales […]

Brighton could become the latest city to BAN private cars in a bid to tackle congestion and air pollution

The proposal says that ‘the climate emergency, the environmental and public health crisis caused by air pollution, and dangerous roads can and must be tackled by drastically reducing private car use in the city centre’.