Trend Micro software strengthens security cameras by blocking 5 million attack attempts

Bangalore: Trend Micro Incorporated, a cybersecurity solutions provider announced it has blocked 5 million attempted cyberattacks against IP cameras in just five months. Through its strategic partnership with VIVOTEK, Inc., a global leading IP security solution provider, Trend Micro’s IoT security solutions are embedded in globally deployed IP cameras to provide superior protection.By analyzing data […]

Bring in the experts: It’s time to secure your home network

You can do it yourself, but that can be a lot of work, and the potential consequences of any mistakes could be significant. For most people, it makes better sense to pay for a network-protection service, whether offered by your internet provider or another business. Though it will cost you.

Bring in the experts: It’s time to secure your home network

Not all that long ago, managing your home network’s security didn’t involve much more than installing an antivirus program on your PC. If only it were still so simple. It’s no long just about protecting the computer on which you may be working from home and the laptops the kids may be using as online […]

DJI unveils plans to start assembling drones in US amid security concerns

DJI, the world’s largest consumer drone maker, unveiled plans this week to assemble drones in California and make high-security drones for the US government. The plan follows the Chinese company in recent months being warned about security concerns by the US.

White House denies public scene at Mar-a-Lago posed security risk

“If foreign services are paying attention, and I am sure that they are, they are paying attention to all of the individuals who potentially have access, all the types of devices that are there and they are going to think about how they can exploit that in the future,” Cordero said.

Today’s Best Tech Deals: Apple Watch, Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Pro

Apple AirPods Pro — $220, was $250 If you’re thinking of getting the standard AirPods with the wireless charging case, please don’t. They sound exactly like the EarPods (the wired buds that come free with an iPhone) and don’t even offer noise-canceling or sweat-resistance. For just $50 more you get those two features with the […]

No webcam? Use your phone camera for video chats instead

Webcam apps for iPhonesI tried out EpocCam Webcam (free, or $8 or $20 for the professional versions), iCam ($5) and iVCam (free). All were fairly easy to set up, once you find the instructional pages on their websites. EpocCam and iCam work for Windows or MacOS machines, while iVCam works for iPhone users who have […]

Charlie Hebdo Survivors ‘Disappointed’ by Blockbuster Trial

Sourisseau used his time on the stand to describe what he calls “the imperative to question.” Freedom is not ordinary, he says, it is exceptional and it should be fought for. According to Sourisseau, the magazine battles against what it considers the totalitarianism of thought. “We know we operate on the fringes of the acceptable, […]

The world’s top suppliers of disposable gloves are thriving because of the pandemic. Their workers aren’t

That order sent Malaysia’s rubber glove industry into a frenzy. Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources, M Kula Segaran, convened a town hall meeting with all the big rubber glove companies, including Top Glove, Kossan and Hartalega, according to minutes from the meeting provided to CNN Business. Kula promised the Employment Act would be amended to […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘ Words can’t describe how sorry I am. I lost my temper.’ CEO who was caught on camera beating his puppy apologizes and his brother defends his ‘zealous discipline’ for the pooch peeing on the rug, as police investigate for animal abuse

JEFF’S APOLOGY I want everyone to know that I truly regret my actions on August 22, 2020. Words can’t fully describe how sorry I am for what happened. I lost my temper and took unreasonable and unjustifiable action in attempting to discipline my dog Bici. As I have said, words are not enough here, Bici […]