Zoom defends use of local web server on Macs after security report

“For subsequent meetings, users can configure their client video settings to turn OFF video when joining a meeting. Additionally, system administrators can pre-configure video settings for supported devices at the time of install or change the configuration at anytime.”

Column: Markets second-guess policy rollback – Mike Dolan

But investors insist that leaves central banks back doing the heavy lifting once more, suppressing borrowing rates for years to come to keep affordable the highest stock of developed world government debt relative to output since just after World War Two, and regardless of any pickup in inflation.

How to Turn Your Photography Camera Into a Webcam

Nothing ups your Zoom game like a good webcam, but right now, they’re a little hard to come by. At the start of the pandemic, webcams flew off (digital) shelves, and manufacturers have struggled to keep up with the new level of demand. If you’ve had a hard time nabbing one at a stomachable price, […]

Negative rates in BoE toolbox, but no plans to use them, BoE’s Bailey says

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s central bank said it saw no immediate case to cut interest rates below zero on Thursday as it warned the economy would take longer to recover from its COVID slump than it previously forecast.

Environmentalist Bill McKibben on national security implications of climate change

BILL MCKIBBEN: The book is about the ways that we fight back. I’ve spent my last couple of decades really as a volunteer organizer in the climate fight. And we’ve tried our best to stand up against the oil industry and weaken its political power so we can make rational change. And I got to […]

Dems say Trump’s payroll tax break weakens Social Security

Deferral of the 6.2% payroll tax on employees for the last three months of this year could mean that up to $100 billion in payments to the Social Security Trust Fund would be delayed, according to an updated estimate by the nonpartisan Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget, which advocates for reducing government deficits.

FBI accused of deliberately using ancient technology to obstruct information act requests

Foia law states that agencies must “make reasonable efforts to search for the records in electronic form or format.” But in a report by The Guardian, Foia researcher and Ph.D. candidate at MIT, Ryan Shapiro, says the use of the FBI’s legacy systems mean searches for information requested by the public often fail “by design.”

Indonesia capital tentatively eases some coronavirus restrictions

Indonesia has been the hardest-hit country in East Asia outside China, with 28,818 coronavirus cases and 1,721 deaths. While there has not been a national lockdown, cities have been allowed to impose restrictions, although they have not always been strictly adhered to.

HVG restricted from trading on UPCoM

Along with that, the letter confirming the debt from abroad is also delayed, so the auditing company does not have enough grounds to issue the audited financial statements of the transition period from October 1 to December 31 last year. — VNS

Covid-19: How public facilities will be affected during the restrictions

Libraries, customer service centres, museums and swimming pools will have shorter opening hours and limited services under level 2 restrictions, the city council said, along with specific measures for managing queues and numbers of people at each location.